"Chewie's Day Off" is a comic book story about Chewbacca and Han Solo. The story was published as the lead story of Star Wars Adventures (2017) 14 on September 26, 2018.

Plot summary[]

Taking a break[]

The smuggler Han Solo and his Wookiee counterpart, Chewbacca were flying through an asteroid field but much to annoyance of Solo. Chewbacca and Solo had spent the last three days working on a job that they were about to complete. Solo yelled at Chewbacca to help but while he was distracted the Millennium Falcon flew close to a large asteroid. Solo managed to barely avoid the asteroid and made his way to the planet Marquinn.

Han Solo believed that they were safe from the wrath of Vullen Candroon who was tracking them after they stole sabacc cards. Solo wanted to go off to the casino to make some credits but Chewbacca was very critical of the idea. Solo told him that he should take a break and go relax as they parted ways.

Relaxation turns sour[]

After changing into a bathrobe, Chewbacca talked with Zefin Tuzo who offered Chewbacca many relaxing experiences. While getting his toes cleaned by a droid, Vullen Candroon managed to locate him and opened fire. Chewbacca took the head of a nearby droid and throw it at Candroon. Chewbacca evaded Candroon's fire and ran off but before Candroon could chase him, he was grabbed back by the little arms of the droid Chewbacca through at him. After getting free he turned around to find the Wookiee barrelling down on him tackling him into a store. They both went flying through the other side of the store and fell into floating pools. While Candroon landed in the pool, Chewbacca fell through the other side of it.

Chewbacca ran back to the pool but was stopped by Zefin Tuzo and her guards. Candroon returned and surrounded Chewbacca. But Chewbacca pushed a button on a nearby control panel which caused soap to be dispensed all over Vullen Candroon but then Tuzo's guards closed in.

Meanwhile at the casino, Han Solo was negotiating with other clients about working for Tuzo and making money off the sabacc cards he possessed. But when Solo believed that he had a deal, the other drew their blasters on him. But then Chewbacca came running in and launched a droid at the wall next to Solo.

Chaos erupted in the casino as the guards entered and opened fire on the two. Deciding to make a run for it, Chewbacca threw Solo on his back and jumped to the ground floor. As they sprinted around the city, Solo returned fire to the guards chasing them. They managed to reach the Millennium Falcon and escape the planet. Once they got away, Chewbacca joked that he had the most relaxing day of his life.


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Notes and references[]

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  2. "Chewie's Day Off" takes place some time between Solo: A Star Wars Story and Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. Star Wars: Galactic Atlas places Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope in 0 BBY and Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith to 19 BBY. Solo: A Star Wars Story The Official Guide places Solo: A Star Wars Story 10 years later, meaning that "Chewie's Day Off" must take place some time between 10 and 0 BBY.