The Chiaki was a large snake-like predator native to the oceans of Iskalon. While their diet consisted primarily of other aquatic creatures, the chiaki were not at all opposed to capturing the unwary Iskalonian for their next meal. Like sharks, this beast hunted by scenting blood in the water.

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Chiaki were mentioned in the article Supernatural Encounters: The Trial and Transformation of Arhul Hextrophon, however the article was never officially published. The related information that was to be published in the article is outlined below.

In the primordial galaxy, the Chiaki first emerged as offspring of the mating of the Firstborn Duinuogwuin species and the bioengineered Basiliskans created by the being Cold Danda Sine. Monstrous and temperamental, the Chiaki were considered abominations by their Duinuogwuin progenitors.[1]



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