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"Chieftain Thi-Sen welcomes you to his home and hopes you come in peace."

Chief, sometimes known as chieftain, was a title used in various organizations and cultures to denote a position of authority. During the Clone Wars, Thi-Sen was the chieftain of Talz on Orto Plutonia;[17] Nossor Ri was the chieftain of the Quarren on Mon Cala;[13] Pieter was the chieftain of the Ming Po village on Carlac;[14] and a Poletec was the chieftain of a Poletec village.[19]

In the Galactic Empire, chief was a military rank, and was used by such individuals as Moradmin Bast and Siward Cass.[1] In Bright Tree Village, an Ewok village on the forest moon of Endor, Chief Chirpa was the leader of the tribe.[5]


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