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"Chieftain Thi-Sen welcomes you to his home and hopes you come in peace."

Chief Moradmin Bast

A chief or chieftain was the leader of a tribe, village, or town and often primitive societies. Cultures that had chiefs, or chieftains include the Twi'leks, Jawas, Nelvaanian, Sand people, Ewoks, Felucians, Wookiees and Ming Po. Chief Chirpa was the chief of Bright Tree Village on Endor.

A chief was also the title of a manager or overseer, especially in military organizations, such as Chief Bast and Chief Engineer Olum. Hurdiss served as a communications chief aboard the Super Star Destroyer Executor by the year 3 ABY. Siward Cass also acted as the communications chief aboard the first Death Star before 0 BBY.

Chief could also be a shortened name for a title including chief, such as Chief Justice or Chief of State.



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