Chief Chirpa Kidnapped! is a short story that appeared in the 1988 Marvel Comics Ewoks Annual.

Plot summary[]

As the Ewoks of Bright Tree Village are celebrating their annual Hallowe'en festival, a dangerous hanadak enters the clearing. Wicket W. Warrick rallies the other Ewoks to drive it away with blue dlock plant leaves,[1] which appease the beast and compel it to leave.[2] However, the distractions allow a group of Duloks to infiltrate the Ewok village and raid the harvest store.[2] There they accidentally capture Chief Chirpa and bring him back to their camp with the rest of their booty. Warrick and his friends Teebo and Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka give chase.[3]

At the Duloks' camp, the chief, Gorneesh,[3][4] orders the booty opened, revealing an angered Chirpa. The Duloks tie him to a baccy tree,[3] thinking they can ransom him. However, Chirpa's shouting annoys the Duloks and leads to a squabble[5] that leads Kneesaa, Teebo, and Warrick to the camp. Warrick frees Chirpa,[5] who bests the Duloks in a fight and allows the Ewoks to escape.[6]


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