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Chief Librarian was a title used in both the old and new Jedi Orders designated for the Lore Keeper who presided over the Jedi Temple Archives on Coruscant.


The Chief Librarian was a position created by the Jedi Order to denote the primary presiding Lore Keeper of the Coruscant Jedi Archives after the fall of Ossus's Great Jedi Library during the Great Sith War. In addition to guiding the growth and the research in the Archives, the Chief Librarian was the designated leader of the Educational Corps, part of the Jedi Service Corps. Provided with personal chambers adjacent to the Archives, the Chief Librarian worked closely with the Caretaker of First Knowledge, the leader of the Council of First Knowledge. On occasion, such as in the time following the Ruusan Reformation with Master Restelly Quist, the Chief Librarian also held the title of Caretaker.


Quist's predecessor, Barra-Rona-Ban was the first Chief Librarian following the Reformation and one of the only Jedi to meet one of the two remaining Sith Lords and survive.[3] Even before Master Ban, the Kel Dor historian Gnost-Dural oversaw the recollection of data within the Temple Archives of Tython following the Sacking of Coruscant.[4] The final Chief Librarian, former Jedi High Council member Jocasta Nu died among her beloved books when Darth Vader executed Operation: Knightfall on behalf of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.[2]

Following the reformation of the Order under Grand Master Luke Skywalker, Tionne Solusar took up the mantle of Chief Librarian and restored the stacks and added information missing from the time of the Galactic Civil War.[5] Master Solusar eventually stepped down from this role and the title was given to Master Markre Medjev.[6]


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