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The Chief of Intelligence was the Director of Alliance Intelligence during the Galactic Civil War. The position was succeeded by the Director of New Republic Intelligence.

The Chief of Intelligence was an important post among the Supreme Allied Commanders, responsible for disseminating intelligence to the other Supreme Allied Commanders, as well as passing on the orders of the Commander-in-Chief to his division. The Chief of Intelligence was the final authority on all Intelligence-related matters in the Alliance, and he made critical decisions on a daily basis that could affect the course of the war and cost thousands of lives. The Chief was served by his Senior Intelligence Officers who interpreted the trillions of data bytes intercepted and gathered from across the galaxy. From this data, the Chief issued daily reports to the Commander-in-Chief and other Supreme Commanders.

The Chief had to weigh the possibility that the information received was compromised or planted in some way by the Galactic Empire, and make the best decision based on the information at hand. The Chief could not let the risk of compromised information paralyze him or the Intelligence department, and the post required judgment, killer instincts, and nerves.

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