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The Chief of State's Suite was the group of offices, meeting rooms and private chambers used by the Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance. The Chief's Suite was located in the Senate Rotunda, over 500 meters above the surface of Coruscant.

History[edit | edit source]

Following the Battle of Yuuzhan'tar and the conclusion of the Yuuzhan Vong War, architects from across the galaxy rushed to Coruscant to begin the reconstruction process, stripping away the remnants of the Yuuzhan Vong empire and restore Coruscant to its prestigious image. Of supreme importance to the fledgling Galactic Alliance was the reconstruction of the Senate Building, the symbol of democracy across the stars.[1]

Installed within the Senate Building was a suite of offices to be used by the Alliance leader, the Chief of State. Replacing the old offices of the Supreme Chancellor in the Presidential Tower which had not seen use since Finis Valorum oversaw the Galactic Republic, this suite ensured that the Chief was up to date on all happenings within the Galactic Alliance Senate.[1]

The first Chief of State to preside over the Senate in this office was the Alderaanian Cal Omas, overseeing its furnishings and occupying the chamber until his arrest in 40 ABY during a coup by Supreme Commander Cha Niathal and Colonel of the Galactic Alliance Guard Jacen Solo. Sealing off the office, Solo and Niathal claimed that the chamber would only be occupied by an elected Chief, declaring themselves joint Chiefs of State during the interim.[2] After Solo fell to the dark side of the Force and assumed the mantle Darth Caedus, Niathal was deposed and Caedus took up residence in the Chief's office for a brief time following the second battle at Fondor. Caedus' tenure would be brief yet cruel, coming to a sudden end during the battle over Shedu Maad when he was slain by his sister, Jedi Knight Jaina Solo.[3]

With both Caedus and former Chief Omas dead, the Alliance was forced to call for a special election, which saw the unlikely appointment of the notorious Imperial Admiral Natasi Daala installed in the office.[4]

Layout[edit | edit source]

The Chief of State's suite of offices located within the Senate Building consisted of several rooms and chambers which serviced the leader of the Alliance's needs. The entrance to the inner offices was located within a large, formal reception room, comparable in size to the average residential apartment. A pale blue rug carpeted the floors and chairs were arranged along the walls, while greelwood tables with a spread of current popular holozines were placed to alleviate some boredom while waiting for an appointment with the Chief. Adorning the walls were large tapestries depicting a menagerie of every imaginable species of animal from across the galaxy. The only other piece of furniture in the room was a desk for the use of the Chief's receptionist, placed directly before the grand, carved double doors leading into the inner office space.[1]

The largest chamber was the ceremonial office used by the Chief for meetings with large groups of Senators, members of the Jedi High Council, advisers, or other dignitaries. A circular chamber with a large panoramic view of Galactic City, the office's decor changed with each passing administration to reflected the aesthetic sensibilities of each sitting Chief. Despite this, each administration retained some of the office's primary features such as the desk of office situated at the head of the room on a slightly raised platform at the top of a small flight of stairs. The desk, which was equipped with data feeds from administrative aides and functionaries, had four chairs placed before it to accommodate guests to the office. A holoscreen was embedded in the wall off to the side of the desk and could be controlled from a command panel in the Chief's chair.[1]

The carpet of the chamber was blue when occupied by Cal Omas, presenting a calm and soothing atmosphere. Omas kept a group of couches spaced around the sunken meeting area below the desk and a crystal decanter from Naboo filled with Coruscant water on his desk.[1] Following Omas' arrest, Jacen Solo redecorated the room in natural woods and landscape tones, while Cha Niathal kept to her military background, keeping the room sparsely decorated in blue and green. Upon the appointment of Natasi Daala, the office was said to resemble the bridge of a Star Destroyer, colored a stark white with several computer monitors lining the walkways and new chairs and desks resembling those used during the Galactic Empire.[4] Within the suite was a briefing office used to hear formal reports from members of the military.[5]

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