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"But you know that the first concern was to make sure there was never another Palpatine--to prevent any single person from acquiring too much power. Mon Mothma told me that the Senate worries more about success than failure. They'll tolerate ineffective leadership forever, but effective leadership frightens them."
Leia Organa Solo on the position of Chief of State and its relationship to the New Republic Senate[src]

Chief of State was the title given to the Head of State/Government of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, the Alliance of Free Planets, the New Republic, and the Galactic Alliance (though the duties of the position varied by each governmental change). Due to Emperor Palpatine's controversial history and legacy, the title of Supreme Chancellor was not revived by the New Republic.

Powers and abilities

New Republic


Mon Mothma, Chief of State of the Rebel Alliance and the New Republic.

Officially, the Chief of State was the President of the Senate and civilian Commander-in-Chief of the Alliance Military (later the New Republic Defense Force). The position was referred to by a number of titles: "President" by the media, "Chief of State" by government offices, and multiple variations based on translations from Basic. When addressing the Chief of State, they were usually referred to as Chief, as in Chief Fey'lya. The Chief acted as Chief Councilor of the New Republic Provisional Council.

A Chief of State was elected by a "fifty percent plus one" majority vote of the New Republic Senate. If the Chief of state was incapacitated, incommunicado, or dead, the chairman of the Ministry Council selected an acting Chief of State from among the following: any former Chief of State, the current Minister of State, or any former Minister of State. This person would then act as an interim Chief of State until the proper Chief of State returned or the Senate could elect a new Chief of State.

The Chief of State could be recalled by a majority vote of the Senate on presentation of a petition of no-confidence by a majority of the Ruling Council or Inner Council, or by a quarter of the members of the Senate. The election of a Chief of State could be blocked by the Ruling Council on a unanimous vote. In practice, the power of the Ruling Council to void an election and initiate the recall of a sitting Chief of State meant any candidate proposed by or approved by the Ruling Council was likely to be elected by the Senate. The Ruling Council consisted of the chairbeings of the six Senate councils and the President of the Senate (the Chief of State). The Chief of State had the power to select any member of the Ruling Council to conduct the business of the Senate in their absence from that body.

Unlike the Galactic Republic, the New Republic Chiefs of State did not have enforced term limits: Mon Mothma served for fourteen years and Leia Organa Solo for twelve.

Galactic Alliance


Under the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, the Chief of State's relationship with the Galactic Alliance Senate was distanced in an attempt to create a better system of checks and balances within the government than had existed under the New Republic. The Senate's previous authority to run the government bureaucracy was removed and the Chief was given sole authority to run the day to day affairs through the Office of the Chief of State. This included the Galactic Alliance Defense Force, New Jedi Order, and other civilian agencies. At the start of the Galactic Alliance, the Chief of Staff was assisted in governing by the High Council which was composed of both non-Jedi and Jedi members. However, after the Swarm War, the Jedi removed themselves and the High Council was disbanded. In its stead, the Chief of State was advised by the Advisory Council though it served as an advisory council not a governing council.

Under the Galactic Alliance, the term "President" was no longer used and instead the title "Chief" of "Chief of State" was the only title applied. The Chief of State remained the civilian Commander-in-Chief, however, the day to day affairs were left mostly to the Supreme Commander. The Chief of State was also provided with security and bodyguard services by the Coruscant Security Force.

Though Cal Omas was elected according to New Republic law by the New Republic Senate and the Chief of State remained an elected position, the Galactic Alliance failed to have a proper election for some time after that. The Alliance, like the New Republic, did not have term limits. The first Chief, Cal Omas served for twelve years without any elections during that time. He was removed from office in the Solo-Niathal coup which split the position of the Chief of State into two positions though this was claimed as temporary till elections could be organized. During the time of the joint Chiefs of State, both positions shared equal authority although they took direct control of the military due to the ongoing Second Galactic Civil War. After the end of the war, Natasi Daala was elected unanimously as Chief of State though it was the result of a deal between the Galactic Alliance military, the Jedi Order, and the Council of Moffs.

Natasi Daala Backlash

Galactic Alliance Chief of State Natasi Daala

Although Daala's time as Chief of State lasted only three years, her actions had severe consequences that saw the office all but dismantled. The combination of her draconian leadership and controversial actions against the Jedi Order resulted in two separate coup d'états—one led by the Jedi Council and the other by members of the Alliance Senate—that led to Daala's arrest and removal from power. In the wake of Daala's fall from grace, her authoritarian use of power had severely damaged the confidence invested in the office of Chief of State. Unwilling to pass leadership of the Galactic Alliance to any single individual, a compromise was formed between the Jedi and the Senate.[1]

The position of Chief of State would be indefinitely suspended and its constitutional authority would be redirected to the newly-formed Triumvirate, composed of Jedi Grand Master Saba Sebatyne, Senator Haydnat Treen and General Merratt Jaxton. To ensure that no single individual could possess direct control over the Armed Forces or the Intelligence Service, a two-thirds majority vote was required within the Triumvirate in order to make executive decisions.[1] General Jaxton was later replaced as Triumvir by Wynn Dorvan, Natasi Daala's former Chief of Staff. Later the Triumvirate ended when all Jedi, also Master Sebatyne, withdrew from the GA; so the Senate elected a temporary Chief of State, first Padnel Ovin, and after his death Rokari Kem, possessed by Abeloth.[2]

By 130 ABY, the Triumvirate was reinstated without a Jedi as a Triumvir.

List of Chiefs of State

Rebel Alliance

Alliance of Free Planets

New Republic

Galactic Alliance

Timeline of Chiefs of State

Galactic AllianceNew RepublicRebel Alliance40 ABY30 ABY20 ABY10 ABY0 ABY

Galactic Alliance Remnant140 ABY130 ABY



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