"Chiloon may be outside Alliance space, but that doesn't mean we have no interest there. The Rift supplies a tenth of our beryllius, a quarter of our quadranium, and most of our duralium. And the list of other minerals is as long as my arm."
―Luewet Wuul[src]

The Chiloon Rift was a nebula that contained one of the largest and most bountiful asteroid fields in the galaxy. There were many unclaimed asteroids filled with valuable minerals in the rift, and it was a place of opportunity for miners in 45 ABY. However, clouds of plasma and its field of asteroids made it difficult to navigate, and a pilot needed quick reflexes to avoid obstacles and land on worlds within the rift.[2]

In 45 ABY, the draw of resources brought many individuals to the rift, and many pirate bands established operations there. As a result, the Chiloon Rift was a dangerous place to operate, but the opportunity for great wealth still led individuals to flock to the nebula. The Rift was outside of Galactic Alliance territory in 45 ABY, but the government still had financial ties to the nebula, receiving large shipments of beryllius, duralium, quadranium, and other minerals. The Rift was located midway between the Corporate Sector and the Imperial Remnant, and was within the Remnant's sphere of influence, being much closer to the Imperials than to Galactic Alliance space. However, neither government attempted to annex the nebula, due to the fiercely independent nature of the miners operating on asteroids within the Rift. Both governments believed that any attempt to conquer the rift would result in a prolonged engagement with the miners at an advantage with the ability to hide within the asteroid belt.

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"But he was about to introduce a bill authorizing military action to stop mineral smuggling from the Chiloon Rift, so of course there’s talk of an assassination. Like any politician, Wuul had enemies."
Mirta Gev[src]

In 45 ABY, the nebula was the site of increased mining activity, and opportunistic businesspeople struggled to acquire as much of the rift as possible. The Columi brothers, Craitheus and Marvid Qreph slowly began to arrest financial control of the nebula, using dirty business tactics to eliminate competitors. Additionally, they used their financial influence to manipulate the Galactic Alliance, which was planning to intervene in the rift to stop mineral smuggling. They hired the assassin, Savara Raine to eliminate the senator Luewet Wuul, who was planning to introduce a bill that would involve the Alliance in the rift. Wuul's death kept the Alliance from intervening in the nebula, allowing the Qrephs to gain further control.

Their dealings eventually led them into conflict with Lando Calrissian, who had a refinery on the planet Sarnus within the rift. Despite threats and a generous offer for his holdings, Calrissian refused to sell. The Qreph brothers had designs on the rift beyond simple financial gain, and although Calrissian attempted to negotiate to split control of the Chiloon Rift, the Qreph brothers were uncooperative. They instead attacked the Sarnus Refinery, killing many of Calrissian's employees and causing open conflict within the rift. Using his contacts within the Galactic Alliance and the Jedi Order, Calrissian decided to take the fight to the Qrephs at their headquarters, Base Prime. The attack resulted in the deaths of the Qreph brothers, halting their attempt to take control of the Chiloon Rift.

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