The Chimaera Expansion Pack is a supplement to the tactical naval warfare game, Star Wars: Armada, published by Fantasy Flight Games, and part of the seventh wave. The expansion features a detailed miniature of Grand Admiral Thrawn's flagship, the Chimaera as well as two miniatures of Mandalorian Gauntlets. It was announced on August 25 of 2017,[2] and released on February 1, 2018.[1]

Publisher's SummaryEdit

Grand Admiral Thrawn arrives to the battles of Star Wars™: Armada in the Chimaera Expansion Pack. Along with the chance to command your fleet with this brilliant, blue-skinned Chiss tactician, the Chimaera Expansion Pack introduces an Imperial Star Destroyer adorned with a distinctive chimaera design, two Mandalorian Gauntlet squadrons, six ship cards, and seventeen other upgrades. Altogether, these materials don't just give your Star Destroyer a different aesthetic; they allow it to fill entirely new tactical and strategic roles within your Imperial fleet.


The Chimaera Expansion Pack contains three miniature (one for the Chimaera and two Mandalorian Gauntlets), plus a maneuver dials and action tokens, as well as ship and upgrade cards.

Ship componentsEdit

  • 1x Chimaera
  • 2x Mandalorian Gauntlets


Squadron CardsEdit

Upgrade cardsEdit


Fleet Command:

  • Entrapment Formation!
  • Intensify Firepower!
  • Shields to Maximum!



Weapons Team & Offensive Retrofit:

Ship cardsEdit

  • Imperial Star Destroyer Cymoon 1 Refit (x3)
  • Imperial Star Destroyer Kuat Refit (x3)


Behind the scenesEdit

The Chimaera model in the pack appears to be an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer, just as the ship was in the old Expanded Universe.[3] However, the art design instead depicts the Chimaera as an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer, as it is in Canon.[4]

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