"Chinnith to Anakin Solo. You'll never guess who I just shot."
―The Chev pilot contacts the Anakin Solo after the incident[1]

The Chinnith was a Galactic Alliance troop carrier shuttle that docked to the superweapon Centerpoint Station during a battle there in 40 ABY, amidst the Second Galactic Civil War. When Five World Prime Minister Sadras Koyan of the Confederation accidentally boarded the shuttle while looking for a way to get off the station, he encountered the Chev pilot of the Chinnith, who shot and killed him before Koyan could fire with his own blaster.


The Chinnith was a space-capable shuttle that was equipped to serve as a troop carrier. It possessed a main cabin and a cockpit, which had at least one seat for a pilot. The Chinnith also had engines and was equipped with life support for the occupants.[1]


"Get me to Coronet immediately."
―Sadras Koyan mistakes the Chinnith for a Confederate shuttle and asks the Chev pilot for transportation[1]

By 40 ABY,[1][2] during the Second Galactic Civil War, which saw the Confederation in conflict with the Galactic Alliance, the Chinnith was in service with the Galactic Alliance's navy. That year, the Galactic Alliance launched a fleet operation to seize control of the superweapon Centerpoint Station in the Corellian system from the Confederation, and the Chinnith took part, with a Chev female pilot as one of the crew. During the fighting, the Galactic Alliance used troop shuttles to land Galactic Alliance Guards and other commandos onto Centerpoint Station.[1]

Following the boarding, the Chinnith was attached to Centerpoint Station's Air Lock Epsilon Thirty-four G, with the Chev pilot still aboard. After being duped into thinking a Confederate shuttle was at Air Lock Epsilon Thirty-four G by Denjax Teppler, his Minister of Information, Five World Prime Minister Sadras Koyan entered the Chinnith in a bid to get off Centerpoint Station as he fled from the Galactic Alliance forces on the superweapon. Demanding transportation to Coronet City on the planet Corellia as he entered the shuttle, Koyan came face-to-face with the Chev, with both realizing that they were on opposite sides of the battle. The Chev officer was able to draw her blaster first, shooting and killing Koyan in the Chinnith, before she contacted the Galactic Alliance Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Anakin Solo to report the incident. The Chinnith later departed the station with Koyan's body. The battle ended when Centerpoint Station was destroyed due to sabotage by the Jedi Coalition, taking with it large portions of both the Galactic Alliance and Confederate fleets in the resulting explosion.[1]

Commanders and crew[]

"Kork. Forgot to set it to stun."
―The Chev pilot, after shooting Sadras Koyan dead[1]

During the fighting for Centerpoint Station, a Galactic Alliance Chev officer served as a pilot for the Chinnith.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Chinnith appeared in 2007's Legacy of the Force: Fury, by Aaron Allston. The novel did not specifically state that the Chinnith was used to land troops on Centerpoint Station nor if the shuttle survived the station's explosion.


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