"Chio Fain. Greatest slicer in the galaxy. And, um, possibly insane."
―Gwi, on Chio Fain[3]

Chio Fain was an Ardennian male slicer who operated during the time of the Galactic Empire. After a failed job, Fain lost his partner, Rone, at the hands of the Empire, which made him eager for revenge. Fain was hired into a team, led by the bounty hunter Beilert Valance, working to hunt down the Sith Lord Darth Vader for the Hidden Hand crime syndicate. When given the chance to face Vader in a skirmish on Heva, Fain attacked the Empire's enforcer to avenge Rone's death. Fain managed to fend off Darth Vader for some time, but was eventually overpowered and killed by the Sith Lord.


Slicer work[]

"I'll buy you time, Chio. Make the jump to lightspeed. Go!"
"Rone, wait—"
"I love you, Chio. Always and forever. Always and forev—"
―Rone and Chio Fain[5]

Chio Fain watches as Rone is killed by the Empire.

During the reign of the Galactic Empire, Chio Fain worked as a slicer with his partner, Rone. They undertook a job that involved slicing into property of the Empire, and Fain was skeptical of whether it was a good idea. The two slicers were eventually caught, and were pursued by TIE fighters above Ryarten. Rone began to fall behind, and chose to let the fighters catch up, allowing Fain to escape into hyperspace.[2]

Fain attempted to protest, but Rone was killed, and Fain reluctantly made his escape. Due to Rone's death at the hands of the Empire, Fain held a hatred for the regime, particularly wishing to kill the Sith Lord Darth Vader, the enforcer at the forefront of the Empire.[2]

Hunt for Darth Vader[]

The hunt begins[]

"This is a crazy plan. But hey…at least we'll die doin' what we love."
―Chio Fain[4]

Five years later,[2] Fain was hired by Gwi, a messenger for the Hidden Hand crime syndicate. The slicer joined a team of bounty hunters and mercenaries whose goal was to kill Darth Vader. The team was led by the cyborg bounty hunter Beilert Valance, and included the bounty hunter Dengar, the Gamorrean tracker Honnah, the droid and self-proclaimed Jedi hunter Arr-Nine-Nineteen, and a sniper known as Urrr'k. Valance immediately destroyed Arr-Nine-Nineteen due to his dislike of droids, learning he held a tracker for the Hutt Clan. With their team assembled, Valance was ready to begin their hunt.[3]

Chio Fain slices into Fetya's databanks on Arvina.

The team traveled aboard Valance's starship, the Broken Wing. After Valance destroyed several TIE fighters, Dengar was concerned that the Empire would be alerted, but Fain reassured him, having assumed Valance jammed the fighters' communications. However, Valance had only amplified the signals to purposefully lead the Empire to follow them. The team landed on Arvina to meet with the arms dealer Fetya in the town of Fetya's Hollow. While Valance spoke with Fetya, Fain sliced into her databanks, learning the locations of Hidden Hand outposts. Fetya turned on Valance due to the failure of a previous job, but an Imperial Star Destroyer arrived above Arvina, destroying the town. The crew escaped aboard the Broken Wing, narrowly avoiding Vader, who instead tortured Fetya for information on the Hidden Hand.[4]

Facing Vader[]

"I've waited to kill this monster for five years, Honnah. I'm done waiting…always and forever, Rone…always and forever…"
―Chio Fain, before attacking Darth Vader[2]

The crew's next stop was a Hidden Hand outpost on Heva, where they met with Wef, an arms dealer whose stock included bot-drones. As Fain sliced into the drones' command center, the Star Destroyer[6] Formidable[2] arrived above Heva, with Darth Vader on board.[6] Valance attacked the Star Destroyer in the Broken Wing, while Fain remotely piloted the bot-drones alongside the cruiser. Vader flew his TIE Advanced x1 in a skirmish against the bounty hunters, destroying several bot-drones. On Valance's command, Fain merged the drones together and used them to destroy the command tower of the Formidable, causing the Star Destroyer to crash. The Broken Wing was damaged and also crashed, while Vader landed on Heva in pursuit of the bounty hunters.[6]

With Vader on the ground, Valance prepared to advance his plan to use an electromagnetic pulse device to disable Vader's armor. Dengar, impatient, attempted to contact the other hunters, but Fain silenced him, not wishing for their positions to be given away. However, Fain was also impatient to kill Vader, having wished to do so ever since the death of Rone, and jumped down to fight the Sith Lord. Vader attacked him from behind, deflecting Fain's blaster bolts with his lightsaber. Fain was hit, but refused to surrender, dodging Vader's attack and continuing to fire.[2]

Chio Fain is killed by Darth Vader.

Vader overpowered Fain, slicing three of his arms off. Fain was saved by Honnah, who attacked Vader with her Gamorrean battle-ax. The two hunters, working together, managed to damage Vader slightly, but it had no effect on the Sith Lord. Vader used the Force to lift Fain, pushing him into the blade of Honnah's ax. Fain fell to the ground, fatally wounded, and whispered Rone's name before dying.[2]

Following Fain's death, Vader killed Honnah, and Dengar revealed himself to be a spy for the Empire, betraying Valance.[2] Valance was captured and interrogated, but Vader ultimately left him alive, claiming to require his service in the Empire.[5]

Personality and traits[]

"Of course Valance is insane. Personally, I like that in a captain."
―Chio Fain[4]

An Ardennian[3] male, Chio Fain had orange eyes,[4] gray hair, and skin that was gray and tan in color.[3] The death of his partner, Rone, at the hands of the Empire made Fain eager to take revenge.[2] When introducing Fain to Valance, Gwi described the Ardennian as insane.[3] Fain lived up to his description, claiming to like being led by an insane captain. Even though Valance's plan was risky and had a high possibility of failure, Fain did not mind, as long as he got to die doing what he loved.[4] Despite his insanity, Fain claimed that he was not crazy enough to get close to Vader,[6] though later did just that in an attempt to avenge the death of Rone. Fain was confident in his ability to defeat Darth Vader, even after losing three of his four arms.[2]

Skills and abilities[]

"What the hell is that Ardennian doing?"
―Dengar, while Chio Fain slices into Fetya's databanks[4]

Chio Fain uses his blasters in battle against Darth Vader.

Having carried out slicing jobs for a number of years,[2] Fain was an expert slicer, referred to by Gwi as the best in the galaxy.[3] He was knowledgeable in the field of technology, claiming to notice a customized communications jammer made by Grenyt in the cockpit of the Broken Wing.[4] Fain piloted bot-drones in a skirmish against the Empire during the hunt for Vader, and used them to cause the destruction of a Star Destroyer.[6] He could also fight with blasters, able to hold off Vader for some time, but was eventually defeated.[2]


"Okay, fine. You're pretty good against blasters."
―Chio Fain, to Darth Vader[2]

In combat, Fain utilized up to four blasters of various models, which he was able to hold in his four arms. He lost three of his blasters when his arms were cut off by Darth Vader, but continued to fight Vader with a blaster held by his remaining arm.[2] During Valance's hunt for Vader, Fain utilized remotely-piloted bot-drones.[6] Fain wore a black and orange flight suit and had goggles on his forehead.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

Chio Fain first appeared in Target Vader 1, a comic written by Robbie Thompson, illustrated by Marc Laming and Cris Bolson, and published by Marvel Comics[3] on July 3, 2019.[7] In Target Vader 1, Fain is portrayed with green eyes,[3] though the rest of the series shows him having orange eyes.[4]


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