"Don't cross the Chirq. You can't afford to pay that ticket."
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The Chirq Council, labeled by the CorSec as the Red Circle Gang until their true identity was learned, was a powerful criminal organization active on Corellia during the Galactic Civil War. It was responsible for planet-wide spice traffic and multiple murders throughout the planet Corellia. The Chirq Council was eventually disbanded by the CorSec after the Battle of Yavin.


"So the red circle is a symbol of the Chirq Council. Well done. The information you gathered leads us to believe that the leaders of the Chirq Council are in Doaba Guerfel."
Lieutenant Cope, to a spacer[src]

A Chirq Council sentry.

The Chirq Council was a Corellian criminal organization.[2] Its symbol was a red circle; this was the reason why the CorSec initially designated the Chirq Council as the Red Circle Gang.[2] Its members used to wear armbands with a red circle,[2] have tattoos of a red circle,[4] or were simply dressed in red.[2][5][6][1] The organization was ruled by a group of nine individuals known as the Elite Council who were based in two bunkers near the city of Doaba Guerfel.[1] The Chirq Council was present throughout the planet Corellia but it primarily operates around Doaba Guerfel. It was involved in many kind of criminal activities, even if its main business was spice traffic.[2] Other activities included the development of bioweapons[7] and heavy weapons.[8] The ultimate goal of the Chirq Council was to take control of all criminal activities on Corellia.[2]


"I trust Lt. Cope has already briefed you on your mission here in Doaba Guerfel. If we are to bring down the Chirq Council, we must do so from within. Therefore, you will need to infiltrate the Chirq Council as one of their own. Once you've done that, we can take down their leaders."
Captain Baize, to a spacer[src]

The Chirq Council was formed prior to the Galactic Civil War. However, its strongest expansion really took place during the war that provided a major distraction for the Corellian Security Forces. By the time of the Battle of Yavin, the CorSec still ignored the existence of the Chirq Council and, as the conflict between the Gallactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance escalated, the leaders of the criminal organization decided to assert their power on Corellia.[2] At that time, the Elite Council was composed of Markus Gilder, Braganti Hooge, Koran Lassk, Zuld Mar-Shayal, Janos Zarbo, Mathazar Zayet, Rallyn Secura, Crale Forte and Atlan Dubreas[1]

The Ryll Smuggler Base.

After the Battle of Yavin, one of the primary targets of the Chirq Council was the city of Kor Vella. A Kor Vella chapter of the Chirq Council was thus established,[2] centered around a ryll smuggling ring. The ryll smugglers transported the spice onto Corellia on small ships and unloaded it at a bunker in the plains where they also refined the spice.[9] The ryll smuggling ring was led by the underboss Ubis Reendorr,[2] and Ladonna Poe served as the sole contact between the Chirq Council and the spice dealers in Kor Vella.[9] The Council also built a base in the Vella plains where the three leaders of the Kor Vella chapter, Vora Anjek, Annor Fash and Vella Corse, operated.[2] In order to solidify its position, the Chirq Council tried to corrupt the mayor of Kor Vella Deel Draav but the politician refused the bribe.[2] Beyond Kor Vella, the Chirq Council also prepared the sub-councilors Tettsel Anker and Dain Pax to establish chapters in Bela Vistal and Vreni Island.[10]

Circa 1 ABY,[3] the Chirq Council attempted to assassinate the mayor of Kor Vella but Deel Draav luckily avoided the shot. Lieutenant Cope was leading the investigation and recruited an independent spacer to help him with the case. The spacer tracked threatening messages received by the mayor to an abandoned bunker.[11] There, the Chirq Council had placed evidences indicating that a political opponent, Hershel Sheridan, was behind the assassination attempt. Sheridan's body was found soon after in his house; he apparently committed suicide.[11] Although Sheridan was murdered by the Chirq to cover its trail, the case seemed to be solved and the investigation stopped at this point.[2]

In the meantime, the CorSec was becoming increasingly concerned with the increase of spice traffic in Kor Vella. As soon as the Sheridan case was closed, Lieutenant Cope was designated to lead the investigation. A spacer working for Lon Cope started by questioning a local spice addict known as Menchi Lerann. The man revealed that he bought his ryll from two spice dealers Vuul Sarlin and Jaylon Geissler. The spacer later interrogated them and Sarlin was eventually forced to reveal everything he knew about the ryll smuggling ring. His contact among the smugglers who provided him with spice in a bunker nearby was Ladonna Poe.[9] CorSec agents later raided the Ryll Smuggler Bunker where they discovered a red circle symbol on the crates of unrefined ryll. However, Lieutenant Cope suddenly canceled the assault when he received news that the mayor of Kor Vella Deel Draav had been assassinated.[9][2]

The Red Circle Base.

Lon Cope reopened the Draav and Sheridan case and dispatched his agent to re-examine the body of Hershel Sheridan. Further investigations revealed that the blaster supposedly used for the suicide did not have a power cell. The spacer also discovered a card with a single red circle in Hershel's hand. The spacer then found in the mayor's office an unopened package with a large sum of credits, along with a note signed with a single red circle. As the money was never transferred into his account, Cope understood that the mayor was assassinated because he refused corruption.[2]

As the murders and the ryll smugglers were connected to a red circle, Lon Cope decided to focus on the ryll smuggling ring in order to confront what he called the Red Circle Gang. The spacer working for Lieutenant Cope therefore returned to the Ryll Smuggler Bunker. The CorSec agent killed the Rodian smuggler underboss Ubis Reendorr and retrieved an access code for the Red Circle Base. The CorSec then assaulted the base and eliminated the three local Chirq leaders: Vora Anjek, Annor Fash and Vella Corse. The spacer also used Reendorr's access code to slice the base mainframe and discovered the real name of the Red Circle Gang. The information found revealed that the Chirq Council and its leaders were based in Doaba Guerfel.[2] The case was thus transferred to Captain Vitala Baize, a CorSec officer in Doaba Guerfel.[12]

A Chirq Council assassin

In Doaba Guerfel, Captain Vitala Baize wished to infiltrate an agent within the Chirq Council but she first needed more information about the organization. She used the help of Lilith Laughlin, a small-time thug and CorSec informant to discover putative Chirq Council members in the city. Laughlin led Baize to Trins Evnar, a spice dealer with a red circle tattoo on his arm.[4] When it was confirmed that Evnar was a member of the Chirq Council, Captain Baize decided to use Trins Evnar's identity to infiltrate the organization. In order to permit the infiltration mission, the spacer who previously worked for Lieutenant Cope eliminated Trins Evnar, as well as every Chirq Council members who used to know him, namely Seyda Shae, Genovin Jasha, Jade McDonagh and Kazic Pendre.[5] The spacer later assumed Trins Evnar's identity towards Jzoro Quanera, the Chirq Council underboss in Doaba Guerfel, who did not know Evnar personally. The agent managed to lure Quanera and successfully infiltrated the organization.[6]

Captain Baize's agent started to work for Jzoro Quanera, who operated from a bunker near Doaba Guerfel. In the meantime, the Chirq Council discovered that an informant helped the CorSec in its investigation. Quanera thus tasked the spacer to find and kill the informant. In order to protect Lilith Laughlin, the agent instead killed another woman, Ebela Puckett, a Grey Shroud terrorist and Captain Baize created evidences that the terrorist was working for CorSec. Having earn the trust of Jzoro Quanera, the agent was allowed to have full access to Quanera's database and obtained the identity of the nine elite councilors who ruled the Chirq Council and the locations of their secret headquarters.[6]

The First Elite Council Bunker.

The Corsec finally assaulted the two Elite Council Bunkers near Doaba Guerfel.[1] Many Chirq Council guards were killed during the attack,[1] as well as the sub-councilors Tettsel Anker and Dain Pax.[10] The CorSec agents also destroyed the Chirq bioweapons,[7] the experimental heavy weapons,[8] and most of the mechanized guardian.[13] The spacer then discovered in the First Elite Council Bunker the corpse of Vryim Raeth, an innocent man assassinated by the Chirq Council.[14] The CorSec agents eventually found the nine elite councilors in the depths of the bunkers and killed all of them.[1]

After the death of the elite councilors, the Chirq Council quickly splintered. Without the discipline and motivation provided by the Elite Council, surviving members of the Chirq Council turned on one another and the criminal organization fell to pieces.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Chirq Council appeared in the 2003 video game Star Wars Galaxies, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Sony Online Entertainment and published by LucasArts,[2] prior to its closure on December 15, 2011.[15] The Chirq Council was added to the game with the update named "Chapter 1: The Corellian Captives", published on June 8, 2006.[16]



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