"Don't cross the Chirq. You can't afford to pay that ticket."
―Helpful Corellian bystander[src]

The Chirq Council, labeled by the Corellian Security Force as the Red Circle Gang until their true identity was learned, was a criminal organization that was based on Corellia. They had two bases of operation, the First Elite Council Bunker and the Second Elite Council Bunker where they refined ryll. The Chirq Council was controlled by nine people who were known as the Elite Council, Annor Fash was one of three individuals who ran the Kor Vella chapter. The CorSec Lieutenant Lon Cope has being trying to bring the gang down for some time and was able to learn more about their security after a Rebel Alliance operative delivered to him an access card taken from Ubis Reendorr, a Rodian member of the gang. They were defeated in 1 ABY by a spacer working for CorSec.

Red Circle Guard

Red Circle Guard.



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