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The Dark Jedi Namman Cha performs cho mok on his opponent's leg.

"Cho mok translates as "to otherwise maim," targeting legs, limbs, or appendages that will disable your opponent."
Cin Drallig[1]

In lightsaber combat, cho mok was the act of cutting off an opponent's limb.

Application and Description[]

Sith Lord Githany exacting cho mok against Hardin.

"We know that a severed limb can readily be replaced by a prosthetic that looks identical to the real thing. Prosthetics offer sensation and do everything flesh can. They're ideal substitutes in every way, except for requiring maintenance. So we don't feel too badly when we have to cut the arm or leg off a very bad person. But I assure you, that very bad person remembers the pain forever."
Valin Horn[2]

Cho mok was used to disable and effectively incapacitate an opponent. Often, it was used as an attack of opportunity during combat by taking advantage of an opening. Darksiders usually used this technique to bring down their opponents before ruthlessly killing them or even as a cruel form of punishment.

Notable uses[]

At the climax of the Seventh Battle of Ruusan, Sith Lord Githany severed Padawan Hardin's leg from the knee down with her lightwhip.[3]

Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn sliced a finger off Balog before the treacherous Absolute could press a transmitter to end Tahl's life.[4]

Dark Jedi Asajj Ventress applied cho mok against Zule Xiss, slicing off her left arm.[5]

Anakin Skywalker applied cho mok on an IG-100 MagnaGuard aboard the Invisible Hand.[6]

Obi-Wan Kenobi's amputation of Darth Vader's legs and remaining arm during his mou kei application could be considered a fast, triple cho mok.[6] He later used this technique against the Aqualish pirate Ponda Baba, slicing his left arm off.[7]

Laddinare Torbin used this technique to sever the arm of Dark Jedi Arden Lyn.[8]

Luke Skywalker performed the maneuver on Hoth against a female Wampa, who would later be appropriately referred to as "One-Arm".[9]

Leia Organa Solo used this technique on Nom Anor at the end of Yuuzhan Vong War.[10]

Luke Skywalker also severed UnuThul's arm during their duel aboard the Admiral Ackbar.[11]

Jacen Solo performed cho mok when he chopped off Nelani Dinn's right leg at Darth Vectivus's lair near Bimmiel in 40 ABY, beginning his path towards his grandfather's footsteps.[12]

Jedi Master Tresina Lobi received a cho mok strike from Dark Lady of the Sith Lumiya from her lightwhip, during their duel in Coruscant's Fellowship Plaza, having both of her legs severed at the knees.[13]

Salle Serpa would have his arm cut off by Zekk.[14]

The Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Caedus received a cho mok strike from his own sister, Jaina Solo, in their duel during the Second Battle of Roche.[15]

Feeorin pirate Rav received a cho mok strike to one of his legs from Cathar Jedi Rasi Tuum.[16]

Cade Skywalker severed the legs of the last surviving Sith Lord during the Mission to Daluuj in order to interrogate him.[17]



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