Chodo Habat's herd was a herd of Ithorians working on the Telosian Restoration Project. They were led by Chodo Habat and his primary representative Moza.


Ithorians were well recognized for their knowledge of ecospheres and biology, and thus Chodo Habat's herd was selected to restore Telos to its former glory. Complications arose when Czerka Corporation, led by Jana Lorso, took control of several restoration zones from the Ithorians. During Meetra Surik's visit to Citadel Station, she met with Chodo Habat and his Ithorians, and performed various tasks assist their restoration efforts. Later, Jana Lorso of Czerka Corporation sent a group of mercenaries to attack the Citadel Station Ithorian Compound, resulting in several casualties for the herd. The mercenaries were then killed by Surik. In return for her services to them, Chodo allowed Surik to use one of their planetary shuttles to reach Telos' surface.



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