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"I stuck to the mission. You decided to interfere in a way that led to a senator's death."
―Mace Windu, to Dooku[3]

"Choices" is the third episode of the anthology animated television series Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi. The episode was directed by Charles Murray, written by Charles and Élan Murray, and aired on October 26, 2022.

Official description[]

Jedi Knights investigate the mysterious death of one of their own.

Plot summary[]

Mission to Raxus Secundus[]

Jedi Masters Mace Windu and Dooku travel on a T-6 shuttle to the planet Raxus Secundus. As the ship descends into the planet's atmosphere, Windu asks Dooku if he is satisfied with the account of Master Katri's death that was recorded in the tablet. Dooku is not satisfied with Senator Larik's account and believes that there is more to the ambush that killed Master Katri. He also wonders how Senator Larik escaped death.

Master Windu asks Dooku why he is concerned with these questions. Dooku responds that the Jedi Council tasked them with returning Master Katris body to the Jedi Temple for a proper burial. Since they are not members of the Council, Windu reminds Dooku that they cannot involve themselves in local political skirmishes without the authority of the Jedi Council or the Galactic Senate. Dooku responds that Windu's fidelity to the rules is inspiring but sometimes maddening.

The T-6 shuttle docks at a landing platform in Raxulon, the capital of Raxus Secundus. After disembarking, the two Jedi are greeted by several armored soldiers led by Hanel. Windu tells the soldiers that they are here to see Senator Larik. Hanel expresses condolences for the loss of Master Katri, saying that she was well respected and will be missed. The officer says that he will lead them to Senator Larik.

Questioning Senator Larik[]

At his personal residence, Senator Larik tells the Jedi that he was at his Coruscant residence when he was contacted by rebels. Since they were threatening war, Larik decided to return to Raxus Secundus to hear them out. Master Dooku questions why the Senator chose to go without a security detail. Larik claims that he wanted peace on Raxus and was willing to do anything about it. He says that he confided with Master Katri about the situation. Larik claims that Katri refused to let him out of her sight and that she paid for it with her life.

Master Windu asks Larik to lead them to Katri's body. Dooku then asks if they could first see the place where he and Katri went to meet this informer. Larik responds that to go back to the place would be traumatizing. One of the security guards Semage offers to show them the location where the Jedi Master was murdered. He claims that he and his security forces responded to the senator's distress signal. However, Semage claims they were too late to save Master Katri. Larik agrees to lead the Jedi.

In private, Windu confides with Dooku that he suspects that Larik is hiding something. He suggests reporting back to the Council. Dooku is unwilling to leave and asks Windu if he would like Katri to leave without investigating his death if their roles were reversed. Windu says that he would want Katri to follow protocol.

The ambush[]

They travel in Senator Larik's starship into a forest with tall trees with red leaves. Dooku inspects the site which is in a forest clearing. He also inspects a gash on a tree and a blaster bolt on a rock. When Dooku asks Senator Larik about the number of attackers, the Senator claims that it happened so fast that he could not give an exact number. Larik adds that Master Katri was attacked upon disembarking her ship. Dooku and Windu inspect the forest clearing. Windu asks Larik to confirm if the attackers fired upon the Jedi Master immediately.

Dooku notices that there are no blaster scorch marks on Senator Larik's ship. Based on Larik's description of the events, Windu reasons that somebody fired from the direction of his starship. Dooku remarks that it is rare for a Jedi to succumb to a surprise attack unless it was someone that the Jedi trusted. Dooku believes that Larik killed Master Katri and ignites his blue lightsaber. Windu tells Dooku to stand down.

A nervous Larik tells the Jedi that the guards killed Master Katri before he is gunned down from behind. The guards open fire on the Jedi Masters but they deflect their blaster bolts with their lightsabers. The bodyguards are joined by several battle droids which leap from the trees. The two Jedi Masters fight back with their Force powers and lightsabers, destroying several battle droids. Dooku also uses his lightsaber to cut down a tree, causing it to crush several battle droids.

Interrogating Semage[]

The two Jedi disarm and capture Hanel and Semage. When the Jedi demand an explanation, Hanel denounces them as pawns of the Senate. He then grabs a pistol and attempts to shoot the Jedi. Mace strikes Hanel down. The older guard Semage bends down in submission as well. The Jedi interrogate Semage about why he killed Master Katri. Semage explains that they were part of a group who learned that Larik was using a Senate seat to become rich at the expense of the people of Raxus Secundus.

Semage says that Larik was inviting offworld companies to industrialize Raxus Secundus' land. He explains that the Senator was selling off his planet's land and resources while living in luxury on distant Coruscant. Dooku accepts that the guards lured the Senator here but questions why they killed Katri while allowing the Senator to live. Semage explains that they were going to force Senator Larik to advance their agenda at the next Senate hearing meeting. When Windu asks why the guards didn't complain to the proper authorities and murdered a keeper of the peace, Semage describes the Jedi Order as lapdogs of the Senate. While the Jedi claim to promote peace, Semage replies that they enforce law and order for the rich and powerful. Windu responds that Katri was a Jedi who would have listened to their concerns. Dooku takes Semage into custody.

Seeds of doubt[]

Later, Dooku visits Semage in prison. Despite regarding Semage's ideology as faulty, he accepts that it does have its points. Semage says that he is surprised to hear that from a Jedi. Windu calls Dooku. Before leaving, Dooku tells Semage that he does not condone his methods but respects his right to defend his planet. He tells Semage to ensure that his people do not lose heart because that is the only way they will gain victory. Dooku emphasizes that he says that for all of us. His words encourage Semage.

That night, several guards, Windu, and Dooku bring the late Master Katri's body aboard the Jedi shuttle. Windu says that the Jedi Council will have questions. Dooku responds that the Council will be happy to learn that they solved Katri's murder. Windu questions whether the Council will approve of his tactics. Dooku says that he has no problem explaining himself and asks Windu to consider whether the Jedi truly guide peace if they follow the whim of the Senate. Windu counters that the Jedi are guided by their Council and not by politics or ego. The two Jedi depart aboard the shuttle with Katri's body for Coruscant.

The funeral and split[]

Back at the Jedi Temple, Windu and Dooku attend Katri's funeral with several other Jedi Masters and Jedi Knights including Yoda. Master Ki-Adi-Mundi presides over the funeral service, saying that Katri was patient with Jedi who questioned themselves relentlessly. He says that the Force flowed through her with certainty as her body is lowered into a hole while a bright light raises.

Following the funeral, Dooku speaks with Windu, who has been allocated Master Katri's Council seat. He asks if Windu was aware of the appointment before their trip to Raxus. Windu replies that he was as surprised as Dooku to learn the news. Windu says that the two were assigned the mission. While Windu followed the rules, Dooku decided to interfere in a way that lead to Senator Larik's death. Windu says he will speak to the Council on Dooku's behalf. Dooku thanks Windu before gazing at the horizon.


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