"Regenerate that!"
Toro Irana, after beheading Choka Chok[src]

Choka Chok was a male Swokes Swokes, who lived on the planet Makem Te during the reign of the New Republic. A member of one of the higher-ranking Swokes Swokes castes, Chok was a nephew of a caliph from the Congress of Caliphs, Makem Te's planetary government. In 19 ABY, Chok visited a restaurant on Makem Te, and while there, he inadvertently knocked into the Pantoran Jedi Toro Irana. Driven into a state of rage as a result of his consumption of the spice Tempest, Irana demanded that the Swokes Swokes watch where he was going, and Chok proceeded to engage in a fight with the Jedi. Irana used his lightsaber to cut off Chok's forearm, then beheaded the Swokes Swokes. The Jedi subsequently slew several more of the restaurant's patrons, before jumping from a window and falling to his death. In the aftermath of the attack, the restaurant was closed for a period of mourning, to commemorate Chok's demise. The Congress of Caliphs made an official complaint to the New Republic regarding the New Jedi Order's role in Chok's death, and the Jedi archivist Mander Zuma was dispatched by the Order to investigate why his apprentice had engaged in the rampage that had claimed Chok's life.


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