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Chommell sector was a sector in the Mid Rim. Planets in the sector included Naboo and Chommell Minor.


Thirty-six star systems of the Chommell sector were members of the Galactic Republic,[3] and were successively represented by an unknown woman, Vidar Kim, Palpatine, Janus Greejatus, Horace Vancil, and finally Padmé Amidala in the final years of the Republic.[4] The sector had an additional 40,000 settled dependencies and 300,000,000 barren stars and even in such a sparsely populated sector, a thorough home constituency tour for the local Senator could take a lifetime.[3] During the reign of Emperor Palpatine, the Chommell sector was governed by Moff Quarsh Panaka, a long-time associate of Palpatine,[5] and represented by Jar Jar Binks and later Pooja Naberrie in the Imperial Senate[6] and Boma in the New Republic Senate.[7]

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Some sources use an alternate spelling of Chommel. Leland Chee has stated that Chommell is the correct spelling.[8]



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