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Chon Actrion was a famous Jedi Master at some point in the history of the Galactic Republic.


Actrion was known as "the Architect of Freedom". A bronzium bust of Actrion was displayed in the Jedi Archives, in remembrance of his great tribute to the Order.

Behind the scenes[]

"Well, what would happen if you put this guy's helmet and put it on this guy?"
George Lucas suggesting the combination of two alien models that would create Besalisks[1]

Sometime during the production of Attack of the Clones, the Lucasfilm art department had created multiple alien models in the hope one would go on to become Dexter Jettster. Inspected by director George Lucas, he narrowed it down to two possible models. Asked for his opinion, Visual effects supervisor John Knoll preferred a different model, that looked similar to Besalisks, stating animation possibilities for its wattle. Lucas then suggested combining the ridges from the head of the model that would go on to be Chon Actrion, with the rest of the head of Knoll's preferred model. The Actrion model, along with several of the other unused sculpts, were then recycled into the Jedi Archives scene as busts.


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