"Impressive, Jedi. But without your lightsabers you are defenseless."
―Chong, shortly before he was killed[src]

Chong was a Sugi male who worked for the arms dealer Endente during the Clone Wars conflict. During the latter part of the war, the arms dealers had plans to sell a massive kyber crystal to the Confederacy of Independent Systems on the planet Utapau. Two Galactic Republic Jedi, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, tried to intervene, however, but were captured by Chong and his men. Chong brought the Jedi back to Endente, where the Jedi claimed that they were willing to buy the crystal for double the amount that the Confederacy was offering. The Jedi were taken to the dealer's ship, where they broke free and attempted to capture Endente. Chong pursued the Jedi, but was killed when Skywalker used his and Kenobi's lightsabers to kill the Sugi.


"What are two Jedi doing on the remote plains of Utapau?"
"Oh, a civilized one."
"I asked you a question."
―Chong questions Obi-Wan Kenobi[src]

A Sugi male, Chong worked as a ranking guard for the arms dealer Endente, who was also a Sugi, during the time of the galaxy-wide Clone Wars. Late during the war, the arms dealering group made a pact with the Confederacy of Independent Systems to sell them a giant kyber crystal. They also sold the native Amani precision laser dart guns, and used the Amani as an extra source of security. However, the Galactic Republic Jedi Tu-Anh discovered the plot to sell the kyber crystal and went to Utapau to investigate. She was killed, prompting two more Jedi, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, to pick-up the trail that Tu-Anh had lost. They searched for the Amani in league with the Sugi on Utapau's plains, but were unable to apprehend any Amani. The Jedi made a camp and fell asleep for the night. While the Jedi rested, Chong, the Amani leader, and several other Sugi discovered the Jedi and surrounded them at gunpoint as they awoke. Two of the Sugi confiscated the Jedi's lightsabers, and Chong marched them back to his own camp. During the trek, one Sugi became openly curious about Skywalker's lightsaber, and nearly activated the weapon's blade into his head. Skywalker, noting this event, used the Force to remotely activate the lightsaber himself, impaling the Sugi through his eye.[2]

Chong is killed by Anakin Skywalker

Annoyed and angered by the Skywalker's antics, Chong, who was otherwise silent, confronted the Jedi directly, while revealing that he could speak Galactic Basic Standard, as the Jedi had assumed the Sugi was primitive. Chong questioned why the Jedi had come to Utapau, to which Kenobi responded that they were there to buy Sugi weapons. Chong denied the presence of any weapons, to which Kenobi claimed that the Sugi's reputation as premiere arms dealers was over-estimated. Chong remained defiant, until Skywalker lied that everyone in the Outer Rim Territories knew about the Sugi's deal with the Separatists. Unsure of how to decipher the news, Chong said that he would have to advise Endente on the matter. Before moving on, Chong took both of the Jedi's lightsabers and attached them to his belt. After arriving at the Sugi camp, Chong fetched Endente and they confronted the Jedi together. Again, Kenobi claimed that they were there to buy the weapon that Endente was selling to General Grievous of the Confederacy, offering twice the amount that the Confederacy was offering. Tempted by the Jedi's financial offer, Endente took them to his ship. Once there, the Jedi were sent to a cell to be detained, and Endente and Chong contacted the Separatist leader Count Dooku. Endente wondered on what to do with the Jedi, and Dooku ordered Endente and Chong to kill them for interfering. While Endente agreed, he mentioned that the Jedi were offering to pay more than what Dooku had offered for the kyber crystal. Dooku, angered, warned Endente to not consider the Jedi's offer at all. Soon after the conversation, the Jedi escaped their Sugi captors, and Chong went after them with a number of other Sugi warriors.[2]

Skywalker, having discovered a weapon cache, used a pair of blaster pistols, to eliminate Chong's men through a smoke screen. Impressed with the Jedi's ability, Chong nonetheless cornered the Jedi, citing that without their lightsabers, which he still possessed, they had no defenses. Once again calling upon the Force, Skywalker remotely activated both his and Kenobi's lightsabers, and telekineticly cut the Sugi down. The Jedi tried to pursue Endente, but the arms dealer escaped.[2]

Personality and traits[]

"You won't be getting back. You'll be dead."
―Chong threatens Kenobi and Skywalker[src]

Chong was an aggressive Sugi, who was quick to anger when Skywalker killed one of his men. Upon being further annoyed by Kenobi's word-play, he threatened to kill both Jedi. He lad little patience for the Jedi, and was unsure of what to do when he was informed that his arms deal had acquired a large audience. The green-skinned Sugi accompanied Endente during the incident with the Jedi, and was impressed by Skywalker's skills with a blaster. However, he underestimated Skywalker's knowledge of the Force, and did not foresee the predicament he had placed himself in when he had placed the Jedi's lightsaber on his belt. Due to Chong's silent nature and the fact that he spoke an alien dialect to the other Sugi, the Jedi perceived him and the others as primitive.[2]


Although Sugi were beings of short-stature, Chong was one of a number of Sugi who preferred moving about in a large robotic power suit that gave him four extra legs. The suit came with a face mask that covered his facial features. During combat situations Chong preferred the use of a blaster pistol.[2][3]

Behind the scenes[]

Chong first appeared in an unfinished, but still released, episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, A Death on Utapau. Chong's voice was provided by Corey Burton. Although the episode was released as an unfinished "story reel" as a part of the The Clone Wars Legacy, the episode is still considered canon, as entries for several of the story's concepts and characters are present on the current StarWars.com Databank.


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