Chood was an Enzeen who lived on the planet D'vouran, a planet that was "created" as part of Project Starscream. He was the leader of the Enzeen who were relocated to the planet as part of the project. He was aware of the planet's sentience and tried to lure visitors to his planet. He also conspired to keep the true natures of their planet and species secret. On multiple occasions, he slandered Kevreb Bebo and twice attempted to kill Tash Arranda.

In 0 ABY Mammon Hoole, DV-9, Tash and Zak Arranda arrived on D'vouran and met Chood. At first, Chood appeared to be charming and welcoming. The Arranda children even stayed at the leader's home while Hoole searched the planet. After investigating the secretive laboratory near the village, Tash Arranda spotted Chood and other Enzeen feeding off the planet. It was revealed that the Enzeen were parasitic creatures that fed from the planet's nutrients. Fearful of being exposed, Chood ordered Tash to be killed.

After catching up with Tash at the fortress of Smada the Hutt, Chood ordered the offworlders to be killed by being offered to the planet at the Heart of D'vouran. While the children were being lowered into the planet's heart, Mammon Hoole—who had been disguised as an Enzeen during this incident—struck Chood with a skimboard, causing the Enzeen to fall into the large abyss, where he died. The planet consumed the being and his amulet which had kept him safe. The amulet caused the planet to react harshly, destroying the surface. Hoole, the Arranda children and D-V9 survived due to the timely arrival of the Millennium Falcon.



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