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Choose Your Destiny: A Clone Trooper Mission is a canon audiobook written by Cavan Scott and part of the Star Wars: Choose Your Destiny series. The audiobook was released exclusively on Amazon FreeTime Unlimited in 2019.

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Plot summaryEdit

Set during the Clone Wars, after Quinlan Vos discovered intelligence about a new Separatist droid, Aayla Secura, Clone Commander CC-5052 "Bly" and the 327th Star Corps are sent to the muddy planet of Escander, where the Separatists had a base. After arriving to the planet, the droids attack them resulting on Bly being wounded, because of his injuries another clone trooper takes command of the unit. Aayla orders the clone to stay put, and she goes alone to the Separatist base, after some long radio silence, the clone contacts her, but accidentally causes the droids to detect her. The clone ignoring the command, adventures himself into the base looking to help Secura. During the search he arrives to the research lab where he finds evidence of Aayla's capture. Eventually the clones discovers Aayla being interrogated by Asajj Ventress who reveals that they leaked the intelligence to lure and capture Jedi. At the end, the clone distracts Ventress by activating the remaining droids and frees Aayla. The two escape the base and manage to escape safely.


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  1. TwitterLogo Cavan Scott (@cavanscott) on Twitter "I've been writing exclusive CHOOSE YOUR DESTINY MINI-MISSIONS to accompany the main books, featuring all new adventures. Two are currently available via the CHOOSE YOUR DESTINY skill - 'A PODRACER MISSION' that puts you in the race, and 'A CLONE TROOPER MISSION'."
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