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{{Eras|type=canon|real|title=''Chopper Saves the Day''}}
#REDIRECT [[Chopper Saves the Day]]
{{Youmay|the ''[[Star Wars Rebels]]'' storybook|the ''Star Wars Rebels'' television episode "[[Chopper Saves the Day]]"}}
{{Majorspoiler|Star Wars Rebels|''}}
|book name=Chopper Saves the Day
|author=[[Elizabeth Schaefer]]<ref name="Chopper Saves the Day">''[[Chopper Saves the Day (storybook)|Chopper Saves the Day]]''</ref>
|cover artist=
|publisher=[[Disney–Lucasfilm Press]]<ref name="Chopper Saves the Day" />
|release date=[[August 5]], [[2014]]<ref name="Amazon">{{Amazon|com|/Star-Wars-Rebels-8x8-stickers/dp/1484702735|Star Wars Rebels Chopper Saves the Day: Disney Book Group}}</ref>
|media type=Paperback<ref name="Chopper Saves the Day" />
|pages=24<ref name="Chopper Saves the Day" />
|series=''[[Star Wars Rebels]]''<ref name="Chopper Saves the Day" />
|preceded by=
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'''''Chopper Saves the Day''''' is an illustrated storybook in the ''[[Star Wars Rebels]]'' series that was released on [[August 5]], [[2014]]. The story was adapted by [[Elizabeth Schaefer]] based on the ''Star Wars Rebels'' episode "[[Chopper Saves the Day]]," written by series executive producer [[Greg Weisman]].
The book's front matter misspells ''[[Star Wars Rebels]]'' executive producer [[Greg Weisman]]'s last name as "Wiseman" while crediting the story's original episodic creation to him.
==Plot summary==
===Publisher's summary===
''It's tough to be a [[Droid/Canon|droid]]! When [[TIE fighter]]s attack the ''[[Ghost]]'', it's up to the cranky [[Astromech droid/Canon|astromech droid]], [[C1-10P|Chopper]], to keep the [[Starship/Canon|ship]] together. If only his crewmates would decide whether they want him to repair the [[Shield generator|shields]] or the [[Intercom/Canon|intercom]]...or the shields...or the intercom.''
*{{SW|url=news/star-wars-rebels-lands-in-bookstores|text=''Star Wars Rebels'' Lands in Bookstores}}
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*{{Amazon|com|/Star-Wars-Rebels-8x8-stickers/dp/1484702735|Star Wars Rebels Chopper Saves the Day: Disney Book Group}}
*[ Star Wars Rebels Chopper Saves the Day]
*[ Disney's Publishing Division Lists ''Star Wars Rebels'' Books]
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