This article is about the Star Wars Rebels storybook. You may be looking for the Star Wars Rebels television episode "Chopper Saves the Day".
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Warning! This page contains MAJOR spoilers from Star Wars Rebels. Caution is advised.

Chopper Saves the Day is an illustrated storybook in the Star Wars Rebels series that was released on August 5, 2014. The story was adapted by Elizabeth Schaefer based on the Star Wars Rebels episode "Chopper Saves the Day," written by series executive producer Greg Weisman.


The book's front matter misspells Star Wars Rebels executive producer Greg Weisman's last name as "Wiseman" while crediting the story's original episodic creation to him.

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It's tough to be a droid! When TIE fighters attack the Ghost, it's up to the cranky astromech droid, Chopper, to keep the ship together. If only his crewmates would decide whether they want him to repair the shields or the intercom...or the shields...or the intercom.

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