The choreamnos was a type of lazy, arboreal animal. They hardly moved except to get leaves on other branches.

A number of these creatures were kept captive on the Starhunter Dhelba until it crashed on Endor, thus introducing the species. On Endor, the species was known colloquially as the blasé tree goat due to the habit of hanging upside down in the blasé trees. They were a source of meat and milk.

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As the name suggests, the choreamnos was a combination of real-world goat and sloth. Amy Pronovost created the name by combining "Choloepus," the scientific name of the two-toed sloth genus, which literally means "lame foot," with the word "amnos," meaning "goat." She altered the spelling of the resulting combination to make the word less of a tongue twister.[1]



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