The Chosen were a group of warriors that fought for the alien warlord Nuso Esva. The Chosen originated on the same planet as Esva, and they fanatically served his will. In about 8 ABY, Esva and the Chosen traveled to the planet Quethold and took up residence inside the Dwelling of Guests, within the Red City. There, Esva made a deal with the Queen of the Red, the planet's ruler, whereby he and the Chosen would assist her in attacking the White City and killing the Queen of the White, a Quesoth Queen who was due to succeed the Queen of the Red. In return, Esva planned to utilize the White City's industrial facilities, to create vehicles that the Chosen could use to wage war against Esva's enemies. However, Quethold was attacked by the forces of the Empire of the Hand, who defeated Esva, the Chosen and the Quesoth.


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