"What can I get you?"
"Nothing for me. A bowl of chowder for my friend."
―Din Djarin orders food from a Mon Calamari server — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

Chowder was a thick, beige soup made with a cephalopod that was served at an inn on Trask,[1] a moon of the gas giant Kol Iben.[2] Around 9 ABY,[3] the Mandalorian Din Djarin visited the inn with the foundling[1] Grogu.[4] He sat down at a table and ordered chowder for him from a Mon Calamari server, paying for it in Calamari Flan. The server used a hose affixed to the ceiling to dispense chowder into a bowl for Grogu, who struggled eat it with a spoon before being attacked by a cephalopod. Djarin helped him remove the cephalopod from his face.[1]

At the same time, a pair of Mon Calamari sat nearby eating chowder, along with a group of Quarren, one of whom shook seasoning on the dish. Djarin later returned to the inn along with fellow Mandalorians Bo-Katan Kryze, Koska Reeves, and Axe Woves. While the quartet discussed their future plans, Reeves consumed a bowl of chowder, slurping the cephalopod with ease.[1]

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Chowder appeared in "Chapter 11: The Heiress," the third episode of season two of The Mandalorian and the eleventh episode of the series overall,[1] which aired on November 13, 2020.[5] Concept art for chowder was revealed in the credits of the episode,[1] and a high-quality version was showcased in the "Mando Download"—a part of the episode's guide—the following Monday. The art was done by Christian Alzmann. While the sketch displayed a thin soup,[6] the final prop used in the episode was more viscous.[1]

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