"Attention Acquisitions, welcome to the hunt. Quick formalities, I am Chreeto the Defiant, greatest hunter of all realms."
―Chreeto the Defiant[1]

Chreeto, also known as the self-titled Chreeto the Defiant, was a Rodian male bounty hunter during the Galactic Civil War. Flamboyant and boastful, Chreeto, regarded as a hero in his native province on Rodia, led a crew of six other hunters working as Imperial retainers to capture fugitive Rebels in the wake of the Battle of Hoth in 3 ABY. Chreeto and his team pursued a group of Rebel agents investigating the wreck of the GR-75 medium transport Treasure Trove within the Hoth asteroid field and later confronted them within The Royal Casino on Bespin's Cloud City, although the Rebels escaped the bounty hunters each time.


"We've heard tell that Rebels roost in these rocks with mynocks and slugs, and now we have proof. Only a Rebel could have found a Rebel wreck. I guess I should offer a chance to surrender, but by all means, do make it interesting."
―Chreeto the Defiant, to the crew of the Out Runner[1]

Chreeto was a Rodian male bounty hunter native to a province on his species' homeworld of Rodia, where his kind regarded him as a hero. By the time of the Battle of Hoth[1] in early 3 ABY, during the Galactic Civil War,[2] Chreeto and his crew, a motley assortment of six Human and near-Human ruffians under his command, served as Imperial retainers hired to hunt down Rebels. By his flamboyant nature, Chreeto referred to himself as "Chreeto the Defiant."[1]

In the wake of the Battle of Hoth, the Rebel GR-75 medium transport Treasure Trove lay crippled on a large asteroid the size of a capital ship within the wildly erratic Hoth asteroid field. After scouting out the transport wreckage and finding the crew of the Treasure Trove dead, a team of Rebel agents returned to their starship, the YL-2200 light freighter Out Runner. At that moment Chreeto and his band, in his own starship, the modified YT-1300 light freighter Prowling Wolf, set upon their Rebel targets.[1]

Chreeto initially snarled a concise transmitted vid-comm message to the Out Runner''s transceiver, announcing his presence and formally allowing the Rebels a chance at surrender, though he hoped his targets would make for an entertaining hunt. After Chreeto closed the message, confident in his chances, especially considering his ship outgunned the Rebel craft, the Prowling Wolf quickly snapped off a potshot, which shook the large asteroid on which the Out Runner stood.[1]

The Rodian and his bounty hunter crew pursued the Rebels through the unpredictable asteroid belt for some time, amidst a series of dangerous hurling planetoids. Eventually, the Rebels successfully evaded Chreeto.[1]

Nevertheless, Chreeto later caught up with the Rebels in The Royal Casino on the nearby mining colony Cloud City during the chaotic Imperial subjugation of Bespin. The Rodian and three of his fellow hunters filed into the casino behind eight Imperial stormtroopers, specifically searching for the Rebels who had escaped him in the Hoth asteroid field. After an ensuing battle, the Rebels once more escaped Chreeto.[1]

Personality and traits[]

A pudgy, flamboyant Rodian, the self-titled Chreeto the Defiant truly reveled in his profession as a bounty hunter. The natives of his home province on Rodia regarded him as a hero. Chreeto typically enjoyed talking with those he hunted, preferring to capture at least one of his targets alive so that they may know that his excellence bested them.[1]

Skills and abilities[]

Chreeto possessed knowledge of alien species and had mechanical skill in astrogation, space transports, and starship gunnery and shields. He also had technical ability with demolitions.[1]


Chreeto's garb comprised a light tan jumpsuit with bright green piping. A red sash with various Rodian awards pinned to it completed his ensemble. His equipment consisted of a blaster rifle and binders for retaining his captives. Chreeto piloted the modified YT-1300 freighter Prowling Wolf, which his crew helped to man.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Chreeto the Defiant makes his only appearance in "Chapter Nine" of the 1996 second edition of the Galaxy Guide 3: The Empire Strikes Back West End Games sourcebook, entitled Freedom No More, a special supplemental roleplaying portion of the book. Chreeto, as part of the Freedom No More section, along with many other elements of the second edition, was part of a major expansion on the original 1989 first edition of Galaxy Guide 3 by author Pablo Hidalgo.[1]

Possible adventure outcomes[]

Given the roleplaying nature of the adventure in which Chreeto appears, there exists some ambiguity as to what exactly becomes of Chreeto's pursuit of the Rebels. Ultimately, the players, acting as the Rebels, are meant to escape from Chreeto upon each confrontation in order to continue on further in the adventure, but the adventure's description leaves open the possibilities for how the players make their escape. These include a heavy asteroid shower that cuts off the bounty hunters while in the asteroid field, only for Chreeto to encounter a massive space slug. During the Cloud City casino skirmish, the players may try to wield makeshift weapons such as chairs and bottles or even change the gravitational settings of the casino's dance floor to trap their pursuers.[1]

The players are also presented with the possibility of killing all four of the bounty hunters, including Chreeto, during the casino skirmish. Regardless of the outcome, the players are later attacked by the Prowling Wolf while in the nearby City of the Ugnaughts after escaping from Cloud City. Whether Chreeto is among the bounty hunters manning the Prowling Wolf during this time is dependent on whether or not Chreeto dies previously, although the Rebels nonetheless escape for the third and final time. The adventure presents the possibility that the Rebels escape after the Prowling Wolf collides with a giant flying beldon in Bespin's atmosphere, with the resulting explosion from the beldon's gas bag destroying the ship.[1]


Notes and references[]