"Our sensors would have detected them first, Governor. We should rely on something other than a shaak's disposition."
―Officer Chrin, to Governor Sio Bibble[src]

Chrin was a male Human officer who served as a member of the Royal Naboo Security Forces commanded by Captain Gregar Typho during the Clone Wars.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Chrin firing a missile launcher

In 22 BBY,[4] Chrin was one of the two RNSF Palace Guards selected by Captain Typho to investigate reports of Separatist battle droids on Naboo. He voiced suspicion of the reports, which came from Gungan shaak herder Peppi Bow. He was chided by Typho when the reports turned out to be true, and subsequently helped his captain to scout out and destroy a droid patrol with a missile launcher.[2]

Chrin and Typho recovered the remains of the T-series tactical droid and B1 battle droids, and returned to the capital of Theed with them to ascertain the purpose for their presence on the peaceful world that had, as yet, remained untouched by the Clone Wars.[2]

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