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Chris Eliopoulos (born September 30, 1967) is a comic book creator, who has written and illustrated multiple Star Wars stories including "Problem Solvers" for Dark Horse Comics' Star Wars Tales as well as more recently SaBBotage (featuring BB-8), Droid Dilemma (featuring R2-D2) and Probe Droid Problem for Marvel Star Wars titles. All three of these Marvel titles were collected in Star Wars: Droids Unplugged 1.


Eliopoulos attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City from 1985 to 1989. He is known as a prolific letterer, in particular for hand-lettering the first 100 issues of the ongoing Savage Dragon series, even after much of the comic book industry had come to rely on computer-generated fonts for dialogue. This was done at Savage Dragon creator Erik Larsen's request; Larsen preferred the individual look of hand-lettered dialogue.

Eliopoulos designed the fonts for Marvel Comics' in-house computer lettering unit. He had also contributed lettering work to Valiant Comics, DC Comics, and other publishers.

Eliopoulos is also known for his comic strip Desperate Times, featuring the misadventures of bachelor losers Marty and Toad, which ran as a backup feature in Savage Dragon, and later Desperate Times comics from Savage Dragon publisher Image Comics and AAArgh! Comics, a part of After Hours Press.

Following the events of 9/11, Eliopoulos contributed a story to a Marvel Comics benefit book about how his family was affected by the event, which shares the date of his wedding anniversary.

He was the artist and co-writer on Marvel Comics' former back-up feature and series of one-shot comics, Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius, teamed with writer Marc Sumerak. The first one-shot in the series was nominated for an Eisner Award and a Harvey Award in 2005.

On the side, Eliopoulos has contributed hundreds of cartoon strips to the book series "The Complete Idiot's Guide..." on almost every imaginable topic. He's also created dozens of custom cartoons for clients including Sports Illustrated.

On January 14, 2014 Dial Books published "I am Amelia Earhart" and "I am Abraham Lincoln," the first two books in writer Brad Meltzer's series of children's books, Ordinary People Change the World, which are illustrated by Eliopoulos. Subsequent books released in the series have focused on other historical figures such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Albert Einstein, Rosa Parks, Helen Keller, Lucille Ball and Jackie Robinson.

Eliopoulos promoted the series during an October 7, 2016 appearance on the NBC talk show Late Night with Seth Meyers, which included a live drawing demonstration in which Meyers participated.

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