"A long time ago, in a movie theater far, far away…a 13-old-girl had her universe completely, utterly, and irrevocably changed. Yep, I’m talking about Star Wars. Back in the good old days my mom would drop me off for the 1:00 show and pick me up sometime around 6:30. I’d watch that movie again and again and again…absorbing it into my very soul, probably."
―Christie Golden[src]

Christie Golden is an award-winning author of many science fiction and fantasy novels, and is one of the authors for the Fate of the Jedi series.[1]


"I wrote a full-length manuscript and shopped it around for seven years. It never did sell, but I started getting "good" rejection letters. And because of connections I had made through my efforts, I got on an audition list for TSR. No publishers do this any more that I know of, but it was a good break for me and led to the publication of VAMPIRE OF THE MISTS."
―Christie Golden, on how she got her break into novel writing[src]

Christie Golden was born on November 21, 1963 in Atlanta, Georgia. At thirteen years of age, Golden would spend entire afternoons watching Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope[2]. After graduating from high school, Golden attended the University of Virginia, where she majored in English, and spent a semester of university at Cambridge University in England. She has written eighteen novels and sixteen short stories in fantasy, horror, and science fiction.

After shopping around a manuscript she had written for about seven years and suffering numerous rejections, Golden was approached by TSR to do a novel. Golden premiered TSR's Ravenloft line in 1991 with her first novel, Vampire of the Mists. She followed up with Dance of the Dead and The Enemy Within. Golden has written at least seven Star Trek: Voyager novels including the popular Dark Matters trilogy, the Homecoming duology, and the Spirit Walk duology.

Golden is also the author of two original fantasy novels from Ace Books, King's Man & Thief and Instrument of Fate, which made the 1996 Nebula Preliminary Ballot.

Among her work in gaming fantasy novels, she wrote Warcraft: Lord of the Clans (which was written in six weeks),[3] World of Warcraft: Rise of the Horde, and Arthas: Rise of the Lich King. She has also written a trilogy of novels titled StarCraft: the Dark Templar Saga for Blizzard Entertainment and Simon and Schuster Pocketbooks.

Under the name Jadrien Bell Golden wrote the fantasy thriller entitled A.D. 999, which won her the Colorado Author's League Top Hand Award for Best Genre Novel in 1999.

Golden is currently halfway through her Final Dance series; the first book in the series, On Fire's Wings, follows the discovery of the first of five dancers, Kevla the flame dancer. The second book, In Stone's Clasp, records both the flame dancer, Kevla, and the stone dancer, the element of earth, Jareth. The book Under Sea's Shadow, published in ebook format only, was released in August of 2007 and focuses on the Sea dancer. The last two books, At Wind's Tempest and Through Soul's Desire, would complete the series.

In addition to her original novels, Golden worked as one of the three authors in the nine-book Fate of the Jedi series. Her first entry into both the series and into the Expanded Universe in general, Fate of the Jedi: Omen, reached #4 on the New York Times bestseller list and #3 on the Publisher's Weekly bestseller list.[4] Golden also wrote a short story prequel to Omen that focuses on Vestara Khai. The short story was exclusive to Hyperspace members, and is titled Imprint.

Golden was to write a Star Wars trilogy focusing on Jaina Solo Fel and her husband Jagged Fel called Sword of the Jedi.[5] The series was canceled indefinitely due to the announcement from Disney Publishing Worldwide and Random House about the relaunch of the Star Wars adult novel continuity.[6][7] Following the reorganization of the canon structure under Disney, Golden returned to write the novel Dark Disciple, a story focused on Quinlan Vos and Asajj Ventress towards the end of the Clone Wars.[8]

Golden joined Blizzard Entertainment as a full-time employee in October, 2017. However, she clarified that her new position did not preclude her writing additional Star Wars novels.[9]

Golden currently lives in Denver, Colorado, United States with her cats. She is an avid World of Warcraft fan, and plays on the Shadow Council server.


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YearTitle Format Notes
2009 Fate of the Jedi: Omen Novel
2009 "Imprint" Short story
2010 Fate of the Jedi: Allies Novel
2011 "First Blood" Short story
2011 Fate of the Jedi: Ascension Novel
2012 "Getaway" Short story
2013 "Good Hunting" Short story
2015 Dark Disciple Novel
2015 "Kindred Spirits" Short story
2017 Battlefront II: Inferno Squad Novel
2017 "The Bucket" Short story


  • Vampire of the Mists
  • Several Star Trek novels
  • Several StarCraft novels
  • Several Warcraft novels


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