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"What does ideology matter at this point? Is it worth being beaten to death? Look at what they did to you."
"These wounds will heal. But what about the millions dying in this war?"
"Who, the clones? We created them for just that purpose."
―Christo and Onaconda Farr[src]

Christo was a Quarren male who served as a senator of the Galactic Republic during the Clone wars. Loyal to the constituents who had appointed him to the Senate, Christo placed their needs before those of all others during his career. When Senator Halle Burtoni proposed an increase in clone trooper production, Christo initially considered voting for the bill, especially after several opponents to the measure were pressured into supporting it by bounty hunters. However, after a meeting in his apartment and an impassioned senatorial address from Senator Padmé Amidala, he rethought his position.

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