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Christophsians were the humans who were native to Christophsis.

Biology and appearance[]

Christophsians attempt to repel Separatist battle droids.

Christophsians were brown-skinned Humans. Some had facial markings.


Christophsians had an indifferent existence on a useless planet until around 600 BBY, a family of Tepasi nobles made the investments necessary to transform the Christoph system into a worthwhile mining concern. Over the course of a century, Christophsians hired alien scientists to protect the planet from the stray asteroids of the star system and refined technologies to make use of the asteroids. The Christophsians' investment in the aliens' services paid off and the system's richness in raw materials eventually transformed it into a mining haven. They renamed the system to "Christoph" in their own honor.

As the arrogant Oligarchs enjoyed admiration for their mining expertize and careful marketing manipulation, life on Christophsis passed in quiet indulgence, secrecy and self-absorption. Operating in a caste system, menial work was done by alien immigrants who were virtual prisoners and household needs were catered by "lower" humans. Sometime during the Clone Wars, the Christophsians were contacted by the CIS forces and the Army of the Republic. The Separatists invaded their planet, and the Christophsians mounted a defense, but were ultimately forced to appeal to the Galactic Republic for help.