The Chromans were a species of wormlike humanoids with smooth heads, smooth skin and webbed hands that were native to Chroma Zed. Their eyes were huge and round and their mouths were lipless. They burrowed into mountainsides and lived near trickling water to keep themselves moist.

The Galactic Empire enslaved the Chromans because of their mining skills. The Empire made a practice of killing a random Chroman as an example to the rest in the group. The hapless Chroman would be dragged out of the group's moist tunnels and fastened onto sunbaked rock, where the Chroman would writhe under the heat, oozing slime until all that was left was a corpse. As a result, many Chromans joined Nolaa Tarkona's Diversity Alliance. After the alliance was defeated and replaced with the Cooperative Council of Independent Planetary Governments by the New Republic they were a species amongst the New Republic Senate that said why they joined the hate group.



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