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"I trade basic stock, necessities, for Requisition Scrip. But for Chromium? I have special items, hard to procure. Best in entire sector."

A piece of chromium

Chromium, also known as chrome, was a rare and valuable elemental metal that could be used as currency[1] as well as plating for a starship.[2] In the Naboo culture, a ship plated with chromium signified the presence of royalty.[2] Even after stepping down as Queen of Naboo, Padmé Amidala continued to travel in ships fully clad in chromium.[3] Chromium was mined from one of Naboo's moons.[4]

To resist interdimensional shift stress, hyperdrive systems typically required a specific alloy of chromium and titanium.[5] Pure chromium had the ability to block communications.[6]

The armor worn by Captain Phasma of the First Order was coated in chromium salvaged from a Naboo yacht once owned by Emperor Palpatine. The polished finish of that armor was capable of reflecting certain harmful radiations. Phasma's blaster rifle was also coated in chromium.[7]

In the Anoat sector, the Trandoshan Brask, who operated a requisitions depot on Burnin Konn during the Iron Blockade, offered select inventory in exchange for chromium.[1]

Despite its gold-like shine, C-3PO's hull actually had a chromium finish.[8]

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Chromium features in the non-canon video game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes as the middle tier datacard pack.


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