"First we target one for me, then we target one for you. Starting with the assassin droid merchants, the Chromium Kings."
Nogba Quush speaks to the smuggler[2]

The Chromium Kings were a criminal organization active in the Anoat sector, operating from Burnin Konn. Led by Khundu, the Kings created and sold assassin droids, some of which were repurposed protocol units.[1]

At one point during or shortly before the Iron Blockade, they provided the Ivax Syndicate with some of their droids, and felt the need to brag about the sale. The Syndicate, incensed by the breach of their privacy, hired a young smuggler from Burnin Konn to teach them a lesson. After battling waves of thugs and hoodlums, the smuggler even managed to defeat the Kings' MRK-3 Assassin Prototype. Horrified and defenseless, Khundu learned to hold his tongue: when the smuggler asked him who was responsible for what just happened, the Kings' leader correctly answered that he had no idea at all.[1]

Later in the Blockade, the Chromium Kings started looking for a forgotten chromium mining site known as the Foundry. They scrapped together a dig site and tried to break through to the lower levels, but crossed paths once again with the smuggler, who halted their dig.[3]


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