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"We'll monitor your progress on these chronometers. Synchronize on my mark. 3…2…1…mark."
Luminara Unduli — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

A chronometer, chrono,[2] or clock,[3] was an electronic device for the keeping of time.

When trying to erase all of evidence of her use of a snooper program, Merei Spanjaf was foiled by a computer terminal that had a bad chronometer. Spanjaf also kept a personal chronometer of her own on her person. She once slept so soundly that when she checked it after waking up, she found it was two hours after dawn.[4]

The lack of a clock on the wall of Leia Organa's cell on the Death Star, along with the austere surroundings and lack of company, left her unmoored in time.[3]

Mechanical clocks with 12 hours were used in the galaxy in ancient times.[5]

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