"Show respect, peasants! Make way for Chrysalla, Tieress of Ventooine and chosen ward of the all-highest Satab."
―Ventooine Royal Guard.[src]

Chrysalla was the wife of the last Satab of Ventooine, making her the Tieress.


During the Galactic Civil War, she was a peasant living in the slums of the planet. When the last Satab came to power, he took notice of her and brought her back to his palace as his favored consort. After this, she enjoyed the lap of luxury and the benefits of being the chosen ward of the ruler of the planet. At some point, Chrysalla was being paraded through the streets of Goyoikin when an explosive flew through the air in an attempted assassination. However, Han Solo, who was in the general vicinity, was able to shoot the explosive out of the air. Chrysalla declared Solo a hero and brought him back to the palace to meet the Satab.

After a celebratory banquet in Solo's honor, the Satab insisted that Solo stay the night in the palace. However, Solo tried to escape the very same night, and it was only through Chrysalla's interference that Solo wasn't caught by the palace guard. Solo and Chrysalla spent the night together where she explained that the Satab had supernatural powers gifted to him by his possession of the shadeshine.

The next morning, Chrysalla followed the Satab and Solo to a sansanna spice mine where she overheard the Satab's intention to make Solo the next Satab. Knowing that the shadeshine had the ability to burn out and destroy a person's body, Chrysalla feared for Solo's safety. During the ceremony to "promote" Solo, Chrysalla intervened and kept him from touching the shadeshine and receiving its powers. In the ensuing chaos, the Satab attempted to force Solo to become the next Satab. However Chrysalla touched the stone before he could bend Solo to his will, and she became imbued with the powers of the shadeshine. The Satab and his mistress began to have a duel of the minds, but the effects of the shadeshine were quickly burning out the Satab's body. Running away from the battle, the Satab attempted to enter the Hall of Satabs to halt the deadly effects of the shadeshine. However, Solo was able to trip the powerful ruler, and he was unable to make it to his destination, incinerated by the power of the shadeshine.

With the Satab defeated, Chrysalla was the only person to left with the powers of the shadeshine. To end the rule of the Satabs and the shadeshine, Chrysalla knew that she could not continue to wield their power. After sharing a parting kiss with Han Solo, she willingly brought herself and the stone into the Hall of Satabs where she was placed in suspended animation, ending the royal line. Around 3 ABY, the Hall of Satabs was still being maintained as a historic landmark by the Rov Vetter Piin. Luke Skywalker and Lando Calrissian witnessed Chrysalla's body still perfectly preserved in the nullification chamber when they visited Ventooine during the search for Boba Fett.


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