"The pointy sparkly thing is a techno-totem of a chthonic worm god from an age of fable and horror. You do! Not! Crash! Spaceships! Into it!"
―Aphra complains that about the awakening of the god[src]

A chthonic worm god was kept dormant as a trap in the workshop of the Skakoan Techno Union chairman Wat Tambor on the planet Skako Minor. The god was awakened when a techno-totem displayed in the workshop was disturbed by an Imperial Delta-class T-3c shuttle that crashed through the wall of the laboratory. It then attacked the occupants of the shuttle and a team of mercenaries led by Doctor Chelli Aphra, who had been trying to loot the workshop. The god was killed when the mercenary droideka Dek-Nil caused the workshop's ceiling to collapse on the deity.[1]


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