"The riflemen are worth their high fee, and they should be kept on retainer for future needs."
―Captain Zgorth'sth, New Republic Department of Threat Assessment[src]

Located within the fringes of Imperial territory on the Outer Rim regions, Churhee's Riflemen were a specialized low profile mercenary group. The Riflemen primarily used a modified version of the SoroSuub Kylan-15 blaster rifle.

Organization[edit | edit source]

Churhee's Riflemen organized themselves in a similar fashion to a typical Imperial scout troop. With about 240 members, the Riflemen divided themselves between eight platoons of 30 men each, along with an assortment of support personnel. The platoons were further divided into ten man squads led by a lieutenant, or lances of five men led by a sergeant. Multiple groups were usually supervised by sergeant majors. Riflemen training was strenuous, so much so that only about five percent of the trainees were accepted into the group and given the rank of frontiersman.

History[edit | edit source]

They operated primarily within the Sarin and Parmel sectors, but were virtually wiped out in the Y'Trella system due to a lack of Imperial support. This led the group, led by Vlaydm Churhee's widow Maydla and including Rathe Palror, to align itself with the Rebel Alliance. Its most celebrated victory while working with the Rebel Alliance was the Ryoone Campaign when the Riflemen fought a month long engagement with the Lightning Squadron. The headquarters of the Riflemen was on Turcan III, the site of their greatest triumph. They also trained on the planets Vohai and Parein II. The Riflemen were also very welcoming to non-humans, particularly Lafrarians and Ri'Dars, who possessed superior distance vision.

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A member of Churhee's Riflemen.

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