"The Gand should not leave Gand. It is not the way. But Churkk was young and the augury was clear. Churkk had to depart. Churkk has long expected the other findsmen to hunt Churkk down for leaving the sect, but every ship is shot down long before Churkk can be found."

Churkk was a Gand from the planet of the same name. When Churkk was young, Churkk left the Gand homeworld, despite the fact that Churkk felt that the Gand should not leave Gand, eventually ending up on the desolate planet Parnassos. Residing at a fence on the edge of the dead lands, Churkk became inactive for a number of years and awoke when Phasma, several of her Scyre warriors, Brendol Hux, and two First Order stormtroopers came across the area in which Churkk resided. The Gand was able to communicate to some extent with the sand beetles, which crawled over him without causing harm, and warned travelers of the dangers of entering the dead lands. Churkk was later killed by a blaster wound when a small skirmish broke out between Phasma's group and forces made up of other members of the Scyre and Claw clans.[1]

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