Chuzalla was a backwater planet located within the Chuzalla system of the Outer Rim Territories. It was a haven for criminals.

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Zallakesh on Chuzalla

The planet had a spaceport that acted as a transfer point between Tammuz-an and a branch of the Imperial Academy. The Starhunter's Intergalactic Menagerie used the spaceport of Zallakesh as a stop-over site upon returning from the outer galaxies.[2]

The starship outlet Honest Tobar's Used Spacecraft was located in Zallakesh. During a stop-over on Chuzalla while on a journey to the Imperial Academy, Coby had his pet, Ingey, taken by the Starhunters and bought a Blackhawk Destroyer at Tobar's to chase after them.[2]

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(Jason Fry clarifies on that Zallakesh is the city from "Coby and the Starhunters")

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