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"Finally, last night (my birthday), my presence was urgently requested in a meeting room. When I got there, I drew my breath in, opened the door, and prepared to be surprised. Only General Chymoelaan was in the room."
―Darth Vader, having hoped for an unexpected party on his birthday[1]

General Chymoelaan was a Human male who served in the Imperial Army.[1] Sometime between 0 ABY and 3 ABY,[2] Chymoelaan sent a pressing request of the presence of the Sith Darth Vader in a meeting room.[1]

As that night happened to be Vader's birthday, the Sith Lord hoped that his stormtroopers had planned a party for him and anticipated that they had set up the meeting to surprise him. Vader was dismayed to see only General Chymoelaan and realized by the meeting's end that no one had planned to do so. Later, he wrote about the incident in his diary.[1]

Chymoelaan had balding black hair and a mole on his right cheek. As a general in service to the Galactic Empire, he wore an Imperial officer's tunic adorned with a rank insignia plaque on its left side.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Chymoelaan appeared in a flashback in "Lunch Break," a comic written and illustrated by Jonathan Adams and released in the sixteenth issue of Star Wars Tales,[1] published on June 25, 2003.[3]


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