Chywarra was a male Wookiee, who lived on the planet Cularin during the waning years of the Galactic Republic.


Chywarra was the son of Risstenni and he lived with her in the village Kiirloor, on Cularin. During the time of the Clone Wars, Chywarra was still a child and he was captured by a member of the Wyrd and taken to the Wyrd's base. They placed him inside a dark side device, which drained his life force to enhance their Force abilities. Chywarra was strong in the Force, so was able to survive longer inside the device than most people. His mother tried to find him, but she too was imprisoned by the Wyrd. When the heroes of Cularin traveled to the Wyrd base, Xinishia, a member of the Wyrd, offered to free Chywarra if the heroes persuaded the Wookiees to relocate Kiirloor to somewhere further away from the Wyrd base.


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