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A member of Arns Grimraker's scavengers smokes a cigarra.

"Thank you, but... well, whatever it is you do with those, I don't."
Wynn Dorvan declining Booster Terrik's offer of a cigar before the Tendrando Arms Celebrity Sabacc Charity Challenge[1]

A cigarra, also cigar or cigarillo, was a mild narcotic that could be ignited and smoked for the purposes of relaxation.

Cigarras contained chemically treated portions of dried vegetation rolled inside a slender paper shaft. A smoker would place one end of the cigarra at the tip of his or her mouth and ignite the opposite end. They would suck the smoke from the burning cigarra into their mouth, or inhale it directly into their lungs, and then blow out a cloud of smoke. Cigarras were extremely popular in gambling districts and drinking establishments.

Lando Calrissian and Niles Ferrier were known to be avid cigarra smokers.

Other cigarra smokers included Senior Second Grubber Vapps of Bartyn's Landing[2] and his superior Administrator Guther Bartyn.[3]

The scent which was given off by smoking a cigarra allowed Luke Skywalker to track down Niles Ferrier using Force smell.


One type of cigarra used carababba tabac. On Haruun Kal, cigarras were made from rashallo leaves. Shento cigars were another brand. Marcan herb was normally smoked through a hookah pipe but could also be smoked in a cigarra. Savorium herb could be eaten, or smoked in a cigarra, causing a mild euphoria.



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