"I represent the only legitimate local government, and we've been fighting off both the Alliance and the Imps for six months!"
Elscol Loro[src]

The Cilpari Resistance was a movement of freedom fighters loosely associated with the Rebel Alliance that successfully fought to liberate Cilpar from Imperial control about one month after the Battle of Endor.


The resistance was led by Throm Loro until his death at the Battle of the Cliffs, after which his widow, Elscol Loro, assumed control of the group. The movement was supported by the Rebel Alliance: Winter served as the official Alliance contact to the group, and Commander Wedge Antilles and his Rogue Squadron provided additional support after becoming stranded on the planet during a routine escort mission.[1]

The movement was ultimately successful after the Cilpari Resistance, with the help of Antilles, successfully wrested control of the planet from Moff Boren Tascl and Governor Norquest despite the meddling of Vance Rego, an Imperial spy within the resistance. Groznik, a Wookiee life-debted to Throm and Elscol Loro, also played a part in the group's success.[1] The Cilpari Resistance served as a precursor to Elscol Loro's later career, in which she and other anti-Empire helped liberate and overthrow Imperial planetary governments with no official connection to the New Republic.[2]



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