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This article is about the clone of Cinzia Xandret. You may be looking for the original Cinzia or the ship.

The clone Cinzia Xandret was created on Sebaddon by Lema Xandret, the mother of the original Cinzia, after she had been taken by the Sith Empire for Sith training. Lema Xandret also created hex combat droids to protect her cloned daughter at all costs. Cinzia was forced to live in a Force-free bacta tank on Sebaddon that hid her Force-sensitivity. Being confined within this tank also left her isolated from the rest of the galaxy, having neither heard of the Republic nor the Empire. In the tank, Cinzia was sustained by an amnioid which contained a remnant of Lema Xandret, whom the hexes had killed.

In 3643 BBY, the activities of the hexes drew both the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire to Sebaddon. Cinzia was more interested in meeting her genetic template, now going by the name Eldon Ax, and wanted to know if they thought alike. Ax was accompanied by Grand Master Satele Shan, who began to question Cinzia, before revealing that the hexes were harming people. Lema tried urging Cinzia to summon the hexes and destroy the interlopers, resulting in an argument between mother and daughter. The amnioid started to strangle Cinzia, forcing Ax to destroy the tank holding her. However, Cinzia was not used to breathing oxygen, resulting in her death. Within the last moments of her life she told the other Cinzia to conserve her mother's essence.[1]

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