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"Cipher agents are faceless. They go wherever is needed, become whoever is necessary to get the job done."

A Cipher Agent

Cipher Agents were an elite class of Imperial Agent employed by the Imperial Intelligence agency of the Sith Empire.

Organization and philosophy[]

"With the rank comes certain privileges – including a degree of operational independence. You may recruit your own operatives, and you will be outfitted with a starship."

Cipher Agents, like all Imperial Intelligence operatives ranked above Agent, were stripped of their former names and identities and given numeral designations, such as Cipher Nine or Cipher Three. They would often use false names as a deception, but their original names were forbidden to them.


"Are you aware of how few Ciphers survive past year five?"
Doctor Eckard Lokin.[src]

Prior to the Great Galactic War, one noted Cipher Agent was Cipher Twelve who cultivated assets on the fringe prior to his death.

During the Cold War, one Cipher was stationed within the Republic Strategic Information Service, and was aided by fellow Imperial Agent Ula Vii. In this time, an attack by an Imperial dissident called the Eagle led to the destruction of the Dominator that seemingly killed the Dark Councilor Darth Jadus. The threat of the terrorists led to Keeper assigning one of his agents the rank of Cipher Nine who was tasked with eliminating the terrorist network.

Equipment and training[]

"You're a Cipher agent. Specializations in disguise, seduction, infiltration, assassination."
Watcher X.[src]

Cipher agents were known to possess an impressive skill set, including infiltration, espionage and combat skills such as hand-to-hand combat and marksmanship. Imperial Cipher Agents are also known to be on par with the ranking of other Sith aside from Sith Lords and the Dark Council. Their missions often were based on information provided to Imperial Intelligence by Informants like Ula Vii.



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