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Circarpous IV, often called simply Circarpous, was a planet in the Expansion Region, one of the financial capitals of the region.[1]


"We've heard rumors from Circarpous IV, about an important meeting that the underground leaders there were preparing for? a young woman, you say?"
Governor Bin Essada, to Captain-Supervisor Grammel[src]

In 22 BBY, the government of Circarpous IV issued an eight-thousand-credit bounty on the head of Rotar Lopani.[5]

During the Clone Wars, it was a major backer of the Galactic Republic credit. Attempting to undermine the Republic economy, the Separatists attacked the world many times, just as the Republic tried to undermine the Separatist economy by attacks on Mygeeto.[6]

During the Galactic Civil War many of its business leaders, fed up with Imperial taxation, agreed to fund the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

The Rebels sent three X-wings from Red Squadron to feint an attack on the Circarpous system in order to gauge Imperial defenses. TIE Fighters fell for the bait and intercepted the Rebels near Circarpous IV. Despite being outnumbered, the Rebel ships destroyed the Imperials before leaving. The Rebels' success helped create sympathy for the Rebellion in the Circarpous system. The mission was later recreated as a simulation to help new Rebel pilots learn to overcome the odds.[4]

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